Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nothing gone right today...

Apart from the finish I had this morning (see below) nothing has gone right for me. I sorted out the threads for the Dimensions SAL that I'm doing with Karen and Kathy (and I think Joanne is going to join us too) and was just about to start gridding the material when I had a proper look at the chart and realised that most of the white bits aren't actually stitched, it's just the background material. As I was going to use a hand-dyed blue fabric to stitch this on I had to change my mind, and I'll have to wait till I can get some white evenweave. I have lots of antique white, but no pure white. Bugger!
So then I thought, right, I'll do something little in the meantime rather than get my CA out, and printed off this Ain't He Sweet chart by 4 My Boys. It needs Weeks Dye Works threads (or the DMC alternatives) so I go hunting for my WDW thread box. Only have ONE WDW thread out of the six that I needed. So I've ordered the rest from someone on eBay, as well as some Kreinik for a HAED design that Craig is going to start stitching as soon as he's finished the Michael Powell RR that he's doing for me. It's on aida and I hate aida. I've gridded his material for him and he's got all the threads, and now he can't wait to start it - QS Elemental Magic.
Seeing as I was still stitchless I printed off a Papillon freebie that I had on the laptop, called Love Letters, and subbed the two DMC threads for two WDW threads instead (seeing as the box was already downstairs and I couldn't be bothered to trek upstairs again to look for two DMCs.
I managed to get maybe 20 stitches done before tea was ready, inbetween picking the kids up from work, and before we headed off for bingo. The Gala bingo has a new machine, called a Wiz, and it's brilliant. Instead of buying the books you get one of these Wiz machines, which are more expensive, and a special pen to tap the numbers with, and it's all done on this little computer thingy. It beeps at you when you only need one number and tells you when you've won, although you still have to shout. I won £20 tonight, my first win for yonks and Craig won £5.25 plus a voucher which he used to buy a drink with.
By the way, for people who read my blog, I do read all your comments. Well, I have to before they get published, and I really appreciate you taking the time to make them. Thank you!


Jo said...

I hate it when I can't settle to something!

Haven't been to bingo in ages, last time I only one £1.25!

JOT said...

It is so frustrating when you can't get on with something you want to!!!!

Anonymous said...

How frustrating! But at least you've got a nice stash parcel to look forward to :o)

I luuuuuuve Bingo! Not been for about a year though. First time I ever went I won £300 but had to share it between 3 of us. Since then I've only won a tenner and had to share that too lol. I joined Gala last year but still haven't been for a game. That Wiz machine sounds pretty cool. Might have to go just to try it out.

Anonymous said...

I've just recently come across your blog and think your stitching is wonderful. I love that alphabet RR you did, it's gorgeous.