Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I've had a great day today. I was up just after 7am and it was lovely and quiet as no one else stirred for another hour and a half, it was bliss. I could shower and dress in peace. At about 8.30am the rest of the household started to get up and by 9.15am we were all ready and on our way to my parents' place.

Kate played Santa this year and sorted out all the pressies. I got some great gifts - paper weight, photo frames, Nintendo DS with three games and a case, a bottle of Amaretto, a bottle of Baileys, Phil Collins CD, Bay City Rollers CD, the following DVDs - Cool Runnings, Miss Congeniality, Love Actually, Star Wars I, II & III, Flash Dance, Saturday Night Fever, series 1 of Lewis, and the complete set of Inspector Morse. I also got a new mouse for my laptop (so Craig got his back), Eternity perfume, four cross stitch charts and some threads (pics to follow), AND....
...a ticket to go and see the stage version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Sunderland Empire in April! CCBB is my all time favourite film so I'm thrilled to bits that I'm going to see it on stage. Craig got a ticket too so I have company when I go. I can't wait. WOOHOO!
I'm bound to have forgotten something in that lot, so if I have I'll have to let you know at a later date. I hope everyone has had a great day and that Santa has been good to you all.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Advent Day #24

Good Christmas Eve morning everyone. Only ONE MORE SLEEP till Santa comes. My final two advent parcels this morning contained another Polstitches Designs chart called Dragonfly Sampler (another one I already have - someone hasn't read my wish list) and a lovely big piece of cream 28 count evenweave from Kathy.
I've been out and about already this morning. I was up just after 7am, showered and dressed by about half 7 and out the door having loaded the car boot with presents ten minutes later. Craig had told me he thought Asda opened at 8am this morning so when I got there at 7.50am I was a bit surprised to find it really busy already. I asked a woman coming out what time they'd opened and she thought it was at 6am. However when I asked the man who gave me the key for the scooter what time they'd opened he said MIDNIGHT!!! He also said there'd been tons of people there waiting to get in. Glad I wasn't one of them. I bought some half price C'mas cards and wrapping stuff for next year and would have bought more if they'd had much left, but they didn't. I also got some more bread and the stocking choccies for the kids. Mind you, they've not mentioned hanging their stockings this year so I might not need it all.
I'm not doing much for the rest of the day. I'm going out tonight with the stitch club ladies but won't be late back cos they're all older than me and don't like staying out too late. Have a good day everyone and be good...he's watching!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Advent Day #23

WOOHOO! Only two more sleeps till Santa. And seeing as I've opened todays only one more day of advent parcels to open. I can't wait for next December to start all over again. LOL. Today's parcels contained a Polstitches Designs Beauty Sleep chart from Wendy and a pencil with a star rubber on the top from Kathy. I now have two copies of the chart so one of them will be going on the other web site to sell, but not till after New Year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Advent Day #22

Good morning everyone. Craig's just told me that there's been a really heavy frost overnight, so that means I'll have to scrape my car later when I go out. Oh joy!

I've opened my advent parcels. From Wendy I received another DMC Mini Kit, and from Kathy some sticky notes. I'm always using these and have several on the go at any one time, so these will be extra useful. Thank you so much ladies.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Early C'mas Present

When I met Lynn at Silver Link this afternoon she gave me my C'mas pressie. This is called Friendship by Carol Tinson and I love it, love it, love it. Thank you so much Lynn, it's gorgeous. It says 'Friendship Touches The Heart'.


HEAT! But only for a couple of minutes as we have to let the cement dry before we can use it properly. So come 6pm tomorrow it'll be on.

Work In Progress

The workmen came this morning to install our new gas fire. They took one look at the hole where it had to go, hummed and haahed a bit and decided it was more work than they'd been paid for and they would have to quote me a new price. Then they buggered off again. Half an hour later I had a phone call from the office telling me how much more I would have to pay. BLINKY FLIP!!! A helluva lot of money! So it was on the phone to borrow some off the parents and told the woman we would pay it as long as they were back today to install it.
I went off to Silver Link to meet Lynn, and got my C'mas present which is absolutely gorgeous. I'll post a piccie later when the noise has stopped and the workmen have gone. When I came back there were a different couple of workmen here, and they'd started the work. They've finished all the work on the chimney and outside, and are busy making lots of noise with a big drill and a lump hammer. I'm hoping it's all in and working by about 6pm. I'll post more photos when they're done.

Advent Day #21

Good morning everyone. I have a fairly busy day today. The men are coming late this morning to install our new gas fire. YIPPEE! Warmth! Then after lunch I'm expecting a phone call from Lynn who came up yesterday to visit her Mam in South Shields and we're going to meet up at Borders Books at Silver Link so we can have a quick gossip and a cuppa and so she can give me my C'mas pressie. In between, I expect I'll get some stitching done. I'm currently working on a little design that I've done before that was in The Gift Of Stitching magazine (Issue 16, p21). I need to build up my stock of pinkeeps so I've done quite a few so far, just need to finish them off.

Today my advent parcels contained a needlecase chart by Elizabeth Designs from Wendy, and this nifty little retractable tape measure from Kathy. It's cool, I love it. Thanks sis. Love the chart too...I adore Elizabeth Designs.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Advent Day #20

Another early morning for me. The thing is that once I need to get up for the loo I can't get back to sleep, so I have to stay up. The weather has been a bit milder the last couple of days, still cold, but not freezing. We were almost in double figures yesterday at 8 degrees. LOL.
My advent parcels today contained this DMC mini kit from Wendy, and a bag of blue beads from Kathy. More lovely gifts.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Advent Day #19

Good morning readers. It's another cold morning here, and still dark outside, so I have no idea what the weather is doing. Today's advent parcels were great. From Wendy I opened Little House Needlework's Counting House chart, which was on my wish list. And from Kathy a reel of invisible thread. That Kathy is a sneaky one - a short while ago she was telling me she'd bought some of this to do her beading with and I said I'd never used it but would like to try some. It's good to know she listens. ROFL. Thanks Kathy, I'll certainly be trying this out really soon.
Last night I finished this freebie from Dinky Dyes. It doesn't appear to have a name so I can't tell you that, I just found the chart in my stash. Anyway, it's stitched 1 over 1 on 28 count off white evenweave with a thread from Six Strand Sweets called Deep-Sea Sweet Dreams.

And this is the photo I found on the camera while I was uploading the one I took of the finished stitching. It must have been taken the other day while Craig and the kids were putting the C'mas decorations up. I was in bed while this was happening so I had no idea this had been going on till I used the camera. I have no idea what Ian was supposed to be doing, but doesn't he look a right pillock!?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Advent Day #18

I've opened my advent gifts this morning - from Wendy I opened a piece of blue linen. And from Kathy some metallic gel pens, which I love. Such a shame I've written out all my C'mas cards already, they would have come in really useful for that. Ah well, I'll use them soon.

I've just cancelled my appointment with the surgery nurse as my back is killing me and I can hardly move, not to mention that there's no one up out of bed yet to put my socks on for me. So I'll wait till they send for me again...in six months time.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent Day #17

It's bloody cold here today and apparently, according to Kate who took the dog out for her walk half an hour ago at 6am, my car is all frosted up again. Great!

Anyway, I've opened today's advent parcels. From Wendy this gorgeous fat quarter of broderie anglais type material, and from Kathy another big bar of Dairy Milk chocolate. That'll last me a few days.

I've got a busy day today. I'm going over to Whitley Bay later this morning to hopefully buy a new gas fire for the siting room. The one we have at the minute is electric, and as it's so expensive to run we've only used it once in the three and a half years we've lived here. So we're going to have a gas one. We went to have a look in the shop on Saturday, just before closing time and chose one we like, just have to pay for it now and hope that they can fit it before C'mas. After that I'm going freezer food shopping with Mick and tonight I'll be off to stitch club. I don't think the rest of the week is quite as busy, although I do have an appointment with the diabetic nurse tomorrow morning. No doubt she'll be mining for blood. Good luck to her, hope she finds some - without bruising my arms too much.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advent Day #16

Good morning readers. I'm not quite 100% awake yet so if there's any spelling mistakes that's the reason why. I've opened my advent parcels for today. From Wendy I opened another Stitch 'n' Hang kit, and from Kathy another candle in a tin. They're both lovely, although Kate has nabbed all the little kits so far. I don't really do kits any more so I don't mind. I may still use the charts though later in 2008.
As usual at this time of the day I'm the only one up in the Elliott/Metcalfe household. Mollie has gone upstairs, presumably to keep Craig company, and there's nothing stirring from any of the kids' rooms. Peace perfect peace - apart from that ruddy wood pigeon sitting on the front fence. LOL.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's an abomination

Have you seen what they've done to Smartie tubes? They've turned them into hexagons with a flip lid! That's just not cricket. How dare they...although I suppose it means people won't put the little plastic lids in their mouths and swallow them or choke on them, but even so.


...that little decorated egg is a pin cushion! Isn't that great? I posted a photo on A Crafty Natter and someone said it was a lovely pin cushion. You learn something new every day.

How's this for lazy?

See this pair? What a pair of lazy slobs. Kate hadn't long been up out of bed and Mollie decided to make herself comfy too. She quite happily went to sleep for about an hour, Mollie that is, not Kate. LOL.

Advent Day #15

It's day 15 of the advent exchange and there's only TEN MORE SLEEPS till Santa comes!! This morning I opened another Stitch 'n' Hang kit from Wendy, and this gorgeous decorated egg from Kathy. At first I thought there might have been something inside it, nestled on that plush red cushion, but no, it was empty. I'll just have to think of something to put on it myself. Thank you ladies, they're great.
It's another frosty day up here on the Northumberland coast. I don't have any plans to go anywhere today, it looks far too cold out there. We had a nice lunch yesterday. The food was as nice as it usually is, but the service was a bit slow. We were there over two hours and basically only had one course. We couldn't stay much longer because my brother Kevin had to get to work to do his taxi contract. Dad enjoyed himself anyway, and that's the main thing.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy 65th Birthday, Dad

It's my Dad's birthday today and he's 65, the old fart. LOL. We're all going out for lunch today, us 5, my brother Kevin and my parents. Craig and I are going a little bit earlier so that we can put some balloons up and take his cake. He hates a fuss.

It's a horrible day out there. It looks as though it's been snowing but I've got a feeling it's just a very heavy frost. I know I'm going to have to scrape the windows of my car when I go out later. Thank goodness for the heated front windscreen, it's going to save me a fortune in de-icer. I'll still need it, or a scraper, for the side windows, but not as much obviously.

As for the advent exchange, well this is what I opened today. A lovely piece of green material for patchwork etc from Wendy, and a tub of mini highlighter pens from Kathy.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Started early for C'mas 2008

Brightneedle - Merry Xmas

This is what I started stitching last night and I finished it about 15 mins ago. Sorry for the crap photo, the light's not that good in here and it's a bit blurry. It's far too late for this C'mas but at least I've got a head start for next year. Will post another photo when I've made it up into something.

Advent Day #13

Well day 13 has dawned, and it's cold but not doing anything nasty...yet! It doesn't look as though I would have to scrape an inch of frost off my car windows if I decided to go anywhere, like I did yesterday. Luckily I'm not planning on going anywhere today, I'm going to concentrate on stitching.

I opened my advent gifts about 10 minutes ago. From Wendy I received a large piece of off white evenweave that I already have plans for, and from Kathy this Cross Stitcher project bag.
Last night I finally picked up my stitching again and I finished a needlecase that I started a couple of weeks ago. I don't have a photo at the minute, I'll probably wait till it's properly made up and then take one. Possibly at the weekend as I do have a few other things that need machining too. I have also started something else - something from the October 2007 JCS magazine. I'm stitching this 1 over 1 which could be interesting. I've done photo charts 1 over 1 before using half cross stitches, but I've never done anything using full x's. Luckily it's just something small and will be made into a pinkeep when it's done. I'm getting a head start on C'mas stitching for 2008. PMSL!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Advent Day #12

Julie you're right, I'm feeling very spoilt with all these lovely gifts. I'm really enjoying these advent exchanges.

This morning I opened up another Stitch 'n' Hang kit from Wendy, and a candle in a tin from Kathy. I love candles.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a swizz!

The job centre thing wasn't too bad, saw the Disabled Employment Advisor (or whatever she was called) and she printed off three jobs that she said I should apply for, and she's going to help me back into work. She seemed to be very impressed with my folder of certificates and said I must do a CV for when I apply for jobs. That's gonna be fun, I can't remember which jobs I've had and when I had them...although I do vividly remember the job I had as a chat line operator! PMSL!
Craig and I went into Newcastle when I got back from the JC. I was gutted that the C'mas shop wasn't there this year, and when we met Kate she said she has absolutely no idea where it is, if indeed they have one in the city centre this year. Instead, I found a stall halfway down the main street, and bought 20 packs of wrapping paper and 2 boxes of cards for next year...then we ended up in Asda where I stocked up on tags, ribbons and bows. I might go again just after C'mas Day and see if they've reduced the prices on their leftovers - if I've got any money left.
I had a wander round another couple of shops in Newcastle but didn't see anything to inspire me. Marks & Spencer didn't even have the same cookery book that I bought years ago (or a similar version) to replace one that Mollie chewed to bits a while ago. It had some great recipes in it too, I could have quite happily strung her up. Ahh well...

Advent Day #11

Good morning everyone, almost forgot about posting today's advent surprises. This morning I opened this cute little penguin Stitch 'n' Hang kit from Wendy and a plastic project/pencil case from Kathy.
I'm off to the job centre again today. I have an appointment with the disability person. Craig very kindly rummaged my folder of certificates out of the loft while he was getting the C'mas decorations down so I'll take those with me to show off. I also need to go to the bank to get some money and to the framing shop as I need to get something nice for someone, to go in with their present before I send it off to them.
After that Craig and I are off into Newcastle. He can drive cos I hate driving in the city centre and he's better at parking than I am. I'm hoping the C'mas shop will still be at the top of Northumberland Street as I want to stock up on wrapping paper, cards and tags etc for next year.
For now though I'm off to get dressed cos I can't go to the JC in my jammies...too ruddy cold! Have a good day everyone, and please keep the comments coming, I really appreciate them.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Day #10

Good morning everyone, on the tenth day of advent I received some thread rings from Kathy - and very useful they'll be too - and more DMC threads from Wendy.
I'm going out later, in the wind and the rain, to get some freezer food. Craig and Kate defrosted the freezer over the weekend as it was badly in need of doing, and all the food that was in there has been sorted out or thrown out as needed. There's now room for a little bit more stuff, if I can find my list.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Advent Day #9

On the 9th day of advent I received these lovely items from my two partners. The diary is from Wendy. I've given this one to Craig as I'd already received one from Kathy earlier in the exchange. The cute notebook is from Kathy. I've had to hide that from Kate or she'll nick it off me. LOL.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Advent Day #8

On the 8th day of advent my two partners sent to me....

From Wendy this gorgeous fat quarter of butterfly material and from Kathy another keyring, this one is my initial with a little mouse peeking around the side. Thank you to you both.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Should have said...

...the pastel pinkeep is a pressie for someone but the other two will be put on the sale site when I get around to it. If anyone particularly wants the pastel one I can soon stitch another one up, and indeed will be doing that anyway within the next week or so.

Pinkeep Finishes

The other night I was bored and needed to glue something so I decided to make these finished designs (from ages ago) into pinkeeps. The small quaker flower was a freebie I think from The Workbasket, the jade green hardanger design was from a Jayne's Attic SAL and the other pastel hardanger design was from Jo at Polstitches Designs, also stitched as a SAL.

The freebie has been trimmed with pale lilac ribbon and gold pins. The jade design was trimmed with white and jade ribbons with jade and metallic blue pins, and the pastel design was trimmed with white and lilac ribbons and silver pins.

Advent Day #7

I was up nice and early to open these this morning. From Wendy I received another ball of Finca perle, but #12 this time, and this great pen in a tin from Kathy. Lovely gifts from both of them. I hope they both like their gifts so far. Apparently Kathy's today is oval and sounds squishy. I have NO idea what it could be.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Advent Day #6

Today I received a ball of Finca perle #8 from Wendy and a 2008 diary from Kathy, complete with a pen to write down all those important events. Guess the diary will stay pretty empty then ROFL.
I'm off to Jayne's today to take back the model I stitched for her last week. I think she's going to be giving me another one to do, but she didn't mention it when she rang yesterday, or possibly the day before, so we shall see. I'm also supposed to be getting another one to do from Jo at Polstitches, but she told me that a while ago and I'm still waiting for that one. Not to worry, I have lots of my own things to be getting on with if they don't materialise. Have a good day everyone.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent Day #5

On Day 5 of the advent exchange I received this lovely fat quarter of material from Wendy, and a bar of Dairy Milk from Kathy. I've already started the chocolate, but I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the material yet. I'm sure I'll think of something.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Advent Day #4

This morning's parcel from Wendy revealed a piece of fabric from Polstitches, 28 count evenweave and the colour is Stormy Seas. Kathy's rattly box has had me wondering what it was since it got here, and this morning I was finally able to satisfy my curiosity. It contained this really cute Me To You (Tatty Teddy) keyring. The little pieces of jigsaw he's holding say Always Friends, and I'm assuming there's another keyring that attaches to this one that Kathy has kept hold of herself. I love it, it's really cute. THANKS SIS!