Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a swizz!

The job centre thing wasn't too bad, saw the Disabled Employment Advisor (or whatever she was called) and she printed off three jobs that she said I should apply for, and she's going to help me back into work. She seemed to be very impressed with my folder of certificates and said I must do a CV for when I apply for jobs. That's gonna be fun, I can't remember which jobs I've had and when I had them...although I do vividly remember the job I had as a chat line operator! PMSL!
Craig and I went into Newcastle when I got back from the JC. I was gutted that the C'mas shop wasn't there this year, and when we met Kate she said she has absolutely no idea where it is, if indeed they have one in the city centre this year. Instead, I found a stall halfway down the main street, and bought 20 packs of wrapping paper and 2 boxes of cards for next year...then we ended up in Asda where I stocked up on tags, ribbons and bows. I might go again just after C'mas Day and see if they've reduced the prices on their leftovers - if I've got any money left.
I had a wander round another couple of shops in Newcastle but didn't see anything to inspire me. Marks & Spencer didn't even have the same cookery book that I bought years ago (or a similar version) to replace one that Mollie chewed to bits a while ago. It had some great recipes in it too, I could have quite happily strung her up. Ahh well...

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Julie said...

I hope a new job won't interfere with your stitching time ROFLOL