Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Day #11

Good morning everyone, almost forgot about posting today's advent surprises. This morning I opened this cute little penguin Stitch 'n' Hang kit from Wendy and a plastic project/pencil case from Kathy.
I'm off to the job centre again today. I have an appointment with the disability person. Craig very kindly rummaged my folder of certificates out of the loft while he was getting the C'mas decorations down so I'll take those with me to show off. I also need to go to the bank to get some money and to the framing shop as I need to get something nice for someone, to go in with their present before I send it off to them.
After that Craig and I are off into Newcastle. He can drive cos I hate driving in the city centre and he's better at parking than I am. I'm hoping the C'mas shop will still be at the top of Northumberland Street as I want to stock up on wrapping paper, cards and tags etc for next year.
For now though I'm off to get dressed cos I can't go to the JC in my jammies...too ruddy cold! Have a good day everyone, and please keep the comments coming, I really appreciate them.


Marita said...

Very cute little penguin.

Good luck today.

Julie said...

Nice gifts, you've been spoilt Jacqui like i have LOL