Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kefalonia Holiday

I'm back! I had a great holiday in Kefalonia and could have stayed for another week. It was very hot every single day, I saw maybe 3 tiny little clouds that didn't stay for long, and the scenery when we got out and about was stunning. The resort was lovely and the food was gorgeous. Our resort was near Katelios, not far from Skala, right at the south end of the island.
This is me sunbathing by the pool.

A view over the pool and bar from the apartment block and below are two
photos of nearer the pool from the side of it

The next two photos are the view from the terrace of our apartment.
Persa's Taverna (below) is where we ate every night, the food was
absolutely beautiful, especially the Lamb Kleftika!

The next three photos are of Katelios beach. We walked down to here from the resort. It was a lovely walk going down to the village but it was uphill coming back and I was knackered by the time we got back to the resort. It was only about a mile each way, slightly less cos the signs were in kms which are slightly less. The sun was blazing hot and I got most of my sunburn that day. It's now peeling and itching like mad, as well as the mosquito bites. They were hungry little buggers and I'm covered in bites.

And finally, whaling is illegal in Kefalonia so I was able to get in the pool with no danger of being harpooned. I had to have this photo taken so that Craig and the kids believed that I'd been in the water. LOL. I was in the pool every single morning, doing about 20 lengths a day and I loved it. I had to be talked into taking my swimming costume in the first place and I'm really glad I did.

One day we got taxies into Skala and had a walk around the many gift shops that were there. There was a wedding going on, English people. It was weird seeing such a traditional thing but the men of the wedding party were wearing kilts. If they were being totally traditional I bet it was lovely and cool under them, more than can be said of the bride whose dress had about four layers in the skirt.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tiger Update

I wasn't going to do this till Tuesday morning before I go off on my holiday to Kefalonia, but thought I'd better do it now while I remember. As you can see the tiger almost has a whole eye, and some whiskers. I'll get some more done before I go away but the rest will have to wait till I get back. Thanks for looking.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake...

Ta da! Here's the cake that Laura made on her first attempt at baking. She made another one the following day for Ian and my Mam's birthday. Both of them were absolutely delicious.

And her is the latest photo of the HAED tiger I'm busy stitching. I'm going to be working on this until I go on holiday next Tuesday. I've been trying to decide whether or not to take any stitching with me when I go away, but have more or less settled on not taking any. I'd only be taking something easy with few threads if I did, so it's a bit pointless.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baking & Happy Dancing

Kate's best friend Laura from Nottingham, is here for the week. She's never made a cake from scratch before so Kate taught her how to make one today. It's just come out of the oven and once it's cooled down she's going to show her how to ice it. I'll take another photo later of the cake before it's eaten.

Here's the 28 week baby bump. To be honest it's not much bigger than two weeks ago. Kate was offered a house by the council last week. It's just around the corner from us so at least she'll be fairly close. The council are waiting for the current tenants to return the keys and then Kate will be able to go and have a look at it. Yesterday Dene had a visit from someone from a housing association and there's a possibility he could be moving out soon too. WOOHOO! Then I'll have two spare rooms! Though I will miss the little buggers.

AND...a happy dance. This is Automne Storykeep, a HAED design by Christophe Vacher. This is now going away for Christmas as it's a present. Well, once it's been finished off. Not sure how I'm going to do that yet.