Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A fifteen year-old boy came home with a Porsche and his parents began to yell and scream, "Where did you get that car???!!!"

He calmly told them, "I bought it today."

"With what money?" demanded his parents. "We know what a Porsche costs."

"Well," said the boy, "this one cost me fifteen dollars."

So the parents began to yell even louder.

"Who would sell a car like that for fifteen dollars?" they said.

"It was the lady up the street," said the boy. "I don't know her name-they just moved in. She saw me ride past on my bike and asked me if I wanted to buy a Porsche for fifteen dollars."

"Oh my Goodness!," moaned the mother, "she must be a child abuser. Who knows what she will do next? John, you go right up there and see what's going on."

So the boy's father walked up the street to the house where the lady lived and found her out inthe yard calmly planting petunias!

He introduced himself as the father of the boy to whom she had sold a Porsche for fifteen dollars and demanded to know why she did it.

"Well," she said, "this morning I got a phone call from my husband. I thought he was on a business trip, but I learned from a friend he has run off to Hawaii with his secretary and really doesn't intend to come back. He claimed he was stranded and asked me to sell his new Porsche and send him the money. So I did."

Friday, September 21, 2007

Just a quickie

I thought you might like to see what I finished off last night before I went to bed. The actual designs have been stitched for a couple of weeks but I only got round to making them into pinkeeps last night. They've each been photographed on the fabric that I used to back them with.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Photos

As promised, here is an updated photo of the Ozark Sampler SAL. I was up at 4am this morning stitching letters R-V, and went back to bed at 6am. I still don't think I like this and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it once it's finished. Wonder who I can fob it off on to. LOL.
I took part in a needleroll exchange recently on the Tranquil Stitches message board, and this is the one I received from Katrina (I think it was Katrina - although it could have been Christina, and without going on the board to look I'm not entirely certain now. Aren't I terrible, LOL) in the US. It's gorgeous and it's going to go in my basket on the landing.
And here's Mollie...thinking she's going to bring that stick into the house, yet again. She's a sly little bugger cos I sit with my back to the door so she sneaks it in and then lies under Craig's feet chewing it. She looks like butter wouldn't melt, doesn't she?
I've been painting today. Mick is decorating his sitting room and I volunteered to go down and help him and Ian. We did the fireplace wall today before both our backs gave out. Tomorrow we're going to do the two shortest walls, and on Thursday the long wall behind the settee. Neither of us wants to make our bad backs any worse, so we're just taking our time. He doesn't want the ceiling doing, and Ian has been doing the glossing - skirtings and door frames. I think I'll probably do the doors - I've seen how rubbish Mick and Ian are at doing doors. LOL.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Time for an update!

Seems ages since I posted anything on here.

I was away over the weekend, to North Yorkshire with the stitching group I go to. Before I went I made the Alphabet Tree up into a pinkeep and sent it off to my friend Marilyn. I rang her while I was away to make sure she received it, and she loved it. Phew!

While I was away I managed to finish the model that I was doing for Jayne, the LK Flipit Bits for 2007. Unfortunately I forgot to take a piccie of the whole thing, but I did remember to takes pics of the final two months. These were really great to stitch and one of these days I'll get round to doing my own Flipit well as all the other LK year long things as well. LOL. Wonder if I ask Santa for more time he'll bring me some. What do you reckon?

Miss Mary Mack - La-D-Da

Also while I was away, I finished Miss Mary Mack from La-D-Da. I altered the border a little bit (or rather I missed some of it off cos I don't think I would have had enough thread left) but I think it looks ok. AND...I brought my Ozark Sampler SAL up-to-date, although I don't have a photo of that. However, I have a new section of it to stitch so I'll wait till I've done that before I take a new photo.

I had a great weekend, and apart from the disappointing visit to Embsay Crafts/Samuel Taylor, where I didn't spend very much money at all, I enjoyed everything we did. We did Embsay on Friday afternoon after our 3 hour drive down the A1. I bought some beads and some plastic bobbins and needles then we went to look for the cottage where we were staying. It was a lovely cottage, semi detached, in the middle of nowhere, but part of the adjacent farm. On Friday evening we went to an Italian restaurant in Bedale and I had fish and chips (can't stand pasta or pizza!) before getting lost on the way back to the cottage. I'd left my sat-nav in the cottage and went up and down the same road 4 times trying to get back. In the end I went into a pub and asked where I was supposed to be. Turns out I was about half a mile away, I'd just missed the road end. Well I can't be perfect in everything can I! I have to be crap at something, and that something is navigation. LOL!

On Saturday we went to a bird of prey centre. That was really cool. I had my photo taken with a bird of some description - it was either a kestrel, a kite or a hawk. I forget. It had wings and feathers...that's all I needed to know.

Isn't this baby tawny owl cute? He's six weeks old and is being hand reared as his mother ate all the other babies.

Sunday saw us at the Wensleydale Creameries. I bought some cheese (smashing Wensleydale Grommit!) and we had a good look around but it was heaving so we didn't stay very long. On the way back to the cottage we went to a car boot sale and I bought a few tea light holders - 10p each, bargain.

I got back today at about 2.30pm, spent an hour at home then tootled off to Jayne's to collect this month's club packs and to cut up some fabric for Jayne. Eventually got home again at 5.30pm and have spent the rest of the evening relaxing. I need to as I'm going over to Mick's tomorrow to help him with his decorating. He's done his back in but he'd better be ok tomorrow cos him and Ian are doing all the work - I'm there purely to supervise. Oh, Ian! He had his stitches removed on Friday morning and his arm is fine.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Did You Know... x3

Three days worth of DYK today.

Did you know....Beowulf was the first major poem written in a European vernacular language. It originated in Northumbria in the 7th or early 8th century. It is about events that took place in the 6th century, and did not appear in print until 1815.

Did you know...The Team Valley Trading Estate is the first government sponsored trading estate in the world. It was built in the mid-thirties to combat unemployment caused by the Great Depression. The boundaries were expanded in 1951 and it has continued to grow.

Did you know...The South Shields Gazette is the UK's oldest provincial evening paper.

FINALLY...Some Good News

Ian has just had some great news. He had a job interview this afternoon at a pub on the Quayside, but he couldn't find it. However, he called into another pub while he was in Newcastle city centre and asked if they needed any bar staff. They gave him an application form to fill in, and the man rang him a couple of hours later to ask him to go in tonight for an interview. He rang me 20 mins ago to let me know that he got the job, on a trial basis, and he starts tomorrow night. WOOHOOO! At long last, something good is happening for him.

Update on Ian

After spending most of yesterday at the hospital with Ian and his Dad, Mick, he seems to be fine now. We had to hang about and wait for a theatre to be free so he could have the surgery he needed to remove the pellet. He had a local anasesthetic and was allowed home again late yesterday afternoon. He needs to go back next week, to have the stitches removed I think, but if he's worried he can go back sooner.
We were all wrecked by the time we got back last night. After I had my tea I had a bath, watched TV for a while then had an early night for a change. I'm still a bit tired this morning, but hopefully I'll perk up a bit as the day goes on, it is only half past 7 after all. LOL.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ian been shot!

My youngest son Ian, 18, was having a party at his Dad's house tonight (he's staying there for three weeks, unless he gets a job) and he was out on the balcony of the upstairs flat, either getting some fresh air or having a ciggie, when someone shot him with an air rifle. They got him in the arm, and last I heard he was in the hospital, presumably to have the pellet removed and get cleaned up. The police were obviously called and his mates all gave statements. My ex husband, Mick, reckons it was someone from one of the houses at the back of where he lives, as they were taking pot shots at things this morning.
I'm now waiting for an update phone call when Ian gets back from the hospital. He has to go to where Mick works to pick up his keys that he left behind when he went off in the ambulance. I'll be seeing him tomorrow as I was going over there anyway to take over our spare microwave for them. Hopefully he's ok. Just hope the police get the bastard (pardon the language) that did it.

Alphabet Tree

Told you it wouldn't take me long to finish this. I just have to wait for Craig to get back now with my foam board so I can make it into a pin keep. The blue floral material is what I'm going to use to back it with. Just hope my mate likes it. Personally I love it but I can't keep it for myself cos it's got the wrong initials on....LOL.
Did you know....Daniel Defoe apparently wrote the classic story 'Robinson Crusoe' based on the experiences of Alexander Selkirk whilst he was living in Gateshead. It is one of the most translated books in the history of literature.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Couple of finishes and a new start

I finished a couple of needle cases last night. These photos really do not do them justice, the thread is actually more lilac and blue, not blue and red, and it's a silk, though you can't tell in those. I haven't put them on the sale site yet, but they are available for sale.

I've also made a new start, Alphabet Tree, a freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs. I'm doing it in shades of blue (Wintermints from SSS) on a very pale blue fabric that I believe was hand dyed by Jayne from Jayne's Attic. I can't show you a pic of this yet because I'm stitching it as a surprise for a friend and she occasionally reads my blog...I think.

Did you know...The Shadows are considered by many to be Britain's best ever rock and roll band. It was formed by two lads from Newcastle - Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lindisfarne - The Band

Did you know...Lindisfarne have enjoyed huge commercial and critical success. Their Christmas concerts were a legend (and having been to one I can testify personally to this!). Their 1971 'Fog On The Tyne' was the year's best selling album. After the sad death of Alan Hull, the band were never the same again. They retired gracefully in autumn 2003.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Admiral Collingwood

Did you know...When Nelson was killed, Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood took over control of the British navy and won the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. This victory ended Napoleon's hopes of invading Britain.

When we lived in Glanton, I used to help out with some computer classes, and one of the people I taught was the grand-daughter of Lord Collingwood. She was a really nice lady.