Monday, November 03, 2008

Little Smiler

We've finally started decorating the sitting room, ready for the christening on 16th November. The walls were stripped at the end of last week, and Craig spent his spare time over the weekend plastering the walls where the dado rail was removed and last night he glossed the woodwork. Today we went to the shop first thing this morning and bought the new wallpaper and my Dad came over to make a start. They've done all the window wall and most of the wall behind where my armchair is. The curtains have been taken down, washed, dried ironed (thanks to Ian) and rehung, but I'm going to get some new ones, probably after C'mas, that match the paper better. Craig might get another few strips put up tomorrow but the rest of it will be done on Wednesday with any luck.
Ian is home for the week this week. He picked the wrong week though as he's going to be roped into decorating. LOL. We still have a couple of weeks, but I would like it all done this week so that I can finish sorting out all our crap...I mean stuff.

Keely was weighed again this morning, and she's now 10lbs 11 ozs. Here's lots of new photos of her - I was busy with the camera this weekend. She's been smiling for a while but I've never been able to get any decent photos till now...

Peace, perfect peace!