Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Good Day For S.E.X.

I've had a brilliant day today! I was up at the crack of dawn to have a shower before going to pick my Mam up with Craig and Kate. We were off to the Pins & Needles Stitching Show at MetroRadio Arena in Newcastle, which started at 9.30am. We were there just before 9am and stayed in the car for a while before making our way to the doors. Five minutes later we were allowed in and we headed straight for stall P2 where I met Jayne from Jayne's Attic and her friend Ursh. They were both really nice and Jayne showed me all the threads that she had put away for me. I left them where they were and we spent the next hour walking round all the other stalls, to see what else I could spend some money on.

Before I started spending we went for a drink as were all feeling a bit parched. Then back into the fray! When we'd first arrived it was great as there was hardly anyone there and we could actually get to SEE what was on the stalls, however, after our half hour break it was absolutely heaving in the hall and we could hardly get moved. However we managed and I got some of my money spent:

7 sheets of self-adhesive mount board
The Northumberland Sampler chart (gonna use this for an RR)
Patchwork Sampler from Polstitches Designs (probably use this for an RR too)
A decorated egg thing in the shape of a bell for Mother's Day
Herb Garden Dragon Flosses from Polstitches
Hot Potatoes 28 ct Jobelan from Polstitches
Full set of 51 Dragon Flosses from Polstitches (some of these aren't out yet and they're gorgeous!)

After three hours of walking around we were knackered, and we'd bought everything we wanted, so we said goodbye to Jayne and headed for home. I've spent most of the afternoon fondling my stash.

There was a surprise for me at home when we got back. My order from Sew and So had arrived - more threads, these ones from Weeks Dye Works. I'm going to get the whole collection, a few at a time, then start on another collection, then another...

I think the kids might have to move out soon as I'll need the room for all my stash!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Life Ain't Bad

Thursday 24 Feb
I can't wait till Saturday when we go to the Pins & Needles Show at the Metro Radio Arena. More S.E.X! Mind you, I won't have all that much money to spend, but I'm planning on buying ALL the Dragon Flosses from Jayne of Jayne's Attic. She has a stall there and I'm looking forward to meeting her and getting all the gen on the bargains to be had.

I've just made a list of all the different threads I would like to buy, eventually, and I think one of my kids is going to have to leave home so I can have their room to keep it all in. There certainly won't be room in our bedroom to store it all. Although saying that, by the time I have it all they might have moved out anyway.

Craig applied to Ready Steady Cook for tickets to be in the audience today. They rang him up and said there were two tickets in the post for us. So I guess we're going down to London on 9th March. Should be a good laugh. Craig would also like to take part in the show, cooking, and they're looking for couples to take part. I've printed the application forms out, but to be honest I'm not sure if I want to be on the show. Ainsley Harriet would get on my wick and I'd be tempted to tell him to get out of my way. He does my head in just watching him on TV!

Ian, my youngest son, has gone swimming tonight. He was at the gym last night. He's certainly making more of an effort to keep fit and it makes a change from him being stuck in front of the TV or PS2. I wish his brother would make the effort too. It's murder trying to get him off the PC. As soon as he hears us going out the front door he's there. I suppose it's better than him wandering the streets like some teenagers of almost 19, and he keeps out of trouble if he's in the house.

Mam's needle test that she had on Tuesday came back clear. I think she's relieved that her cancer hasn't come back. She was petrified that it had. So back to annual check-ups again from now on.

I've been having a good sort through my stash and have listed a stack of items on eBay today. I hope some of it sells, we need the money for our holiday later this year. If I can sell it I'll have more room for all those threads that I want. LOL!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blimey I have loads of sewing projects on the go at the minute. I was just looking through them all. I could do with starting some smaller things so I can have some happy dances sooner rather than later! At the minute I'm busy with: New YeaRR round robin, Nutty Stitchers RR, AOY The Carousel, Heart Sampler, Alter Echo Sampler, French Mystery Marquoir and a cushion that I started last night. I also have a couple of photo charts to make a start on in the next couple of weeks. I finished one last week which I was quite pleased with. Not bad for my first attempt.

Tonight we're off pub quizzing. It's something we do every week, but we don't stick to the same pub all the time, we like to travel about a bit. We've even been known to and then. We don't like to make a habit of it though in case the other teams get jealous.

Going for a nap now. Had to get up early this morning and it's worn me out!

Hospital Visit

Well today was interesting...I suppose. I went to the hospital to get my new chicken fillet. For those of you that don't know me, I had a mastectomy just before Christmas 2004. When I left the hospital they gave me a foam prosthesis to use temporarily, but to be honest it wasn't much good. It moves around too much and doesn't stay in the same place. I was forever howking it back into position. However, this morning, seeing as we were taking my Mam up to the hospital, I decided to go and get a new one...and it's EXACTLY like a chicken fillet, well maybe a turkey fillet cos it's quite big. It feels so much more comfy than the old foam one I can tell you. Now all I need is a couple of new bras!

We were at the hospital for ages today. Mam had to see the consultant about whether or not her breast cancer has come back again. She had an op in 1998 and she's never been the same since. The consultant sent her to the radiologist so she could have a needle test done, but we had to wait forever in the x-ray department before he could fit her in to his busy schedule. Once she'd had her test we went back to the clinic where we thought we would have to wait for another hour for the results, but she was told she could go home and the consultant would ring her up later today. Hope she finds out soon, she's a bag of nerves.

Got a nice surprise when we got home. A round robin that I started about 6 months ago came home this morning. There is one square left to do as one of the ladies that was originally taking part had to drop out. I've asked Craig if he will do it for me and he says he will. Also in the post was a dolphin kit that I won on eBay the other day, so I was quite chuffed about that.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi there. I guess I should introduce myself to anyone who is interested enough to want to know. I've never done a Blog before, and I'm sure there's something somewhere where I can do a profile, but I haven't found it yet.
My name is Jacqui and I live in Northumberland, UK. I'm 39 years old (big 4-0 next January!) and I'm married to Craig. We have three teenagers, all still living at home, two of them working and one in his final year of school...he leaves in June after his GCSE's.
We live in a small harbour town. There is a market three days a week, no cinema, plenty of pubs and lots of shops, although for a wider variety there is always Newcastle or the Metro Centre. We have some of the best coastline in England, here in Northumberland, and there are more castles in the county than anywhere else in England.
I don't work but I do have quite a few hobbies, the main one being cross stitching. I also like card-making, photography, cooking, going to the cinema, pub quizzing, reading, listening to music, and I dabble in other crafts too when I can tear myself away from cross stitching. I tend to have lots of stitching projects on the go at the same time and at the minute my works in progress (WIP's) are - All Our Yesterdays The Carousel, Nutty Stitchers round robin, New Year RR, Heart Sampler, Alter Echo Sampler, French Marquoir Mystery Sampler and sometime over the next couple of weeks I'm going to make a start on two photo charts of both sets of grandparents. These are going to be C'mas presents for my parents. I recently finished a photo chart for my cousin Michelle and if I can figure out how to get it on here...hmmm maybe not. I will get it sussed soon, I promise.
That's all from me for now. I will post more later.