Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Good Day For S.E.X.

I've had a brilliant day today! I was up at the crack of dawn to have a shower before going to pick my Mam up with Craig and Kate. We were off to the Pins & Needles Stitching Show at MetroRadio Arena in Newcastle, which started at 9.30am. We were there just before 9am and stayed in the car for a while before making our way to the doors. Five minutes later we were allowed in and we headed straight for stall P2 where I met Jayne from Jayne's Attic and her friend Ursh. They were both really nice and Jayne showed me all the threads that she had put away for me. I left them where they were and we spent the next hour walking round all the other stalls, to see what else I could spend some money on.

Before I started spending we went for a drink as were all feeling a bit parched. Then back into the fray! When we'd first arrived it was great as there was hardly anyone there and we could actually get to SEE what was on the stalls, however, after our half hour break it was absolutely heaving in the hall and we could hardly get moved. However we managed and I got some of my money spent:

7 sheets of self-adhesive mount board
The Northumberland Sampler chart (gonna use this for an RR)
Patchwork Sampler from Polstitches Designs (probably use this for an RR too)
A decorated egg thing in the shape of a bell for Mother's Day
Herb Garden Dragon Flosses from Polstitches
Hot Potatoes 28 ct Jobelan from Polstitches
Full set of 51 Dragon Flosses from Polstitches (some of these aren't out yet and they're gorgeous!)

After three hours of walking around we were knackered, and we'd bought everything we wanted, so we said goodbye to Jayne and headed for home. I've spent most of the afternoon fondling my stash.

There was a surprise for me at home when we got back. My order from Sew and So had arrived - more threads, these ones from Weeks Dye Works. I'm going to get the whole collection, a few at a time, then start on another collection, then another...

I think the kids might have to move out soon as I'll need the room for all my stash!

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