Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nuneaton Weekend

I had a great weekend in Nuneaton. I picked Jayne up just before 12.30pm on the Friday afternoon and drove down to Nuneaton with Keely. The baby slept virtually all the way there, apart from about the last 20 mins or so, when she decided she was famished and wanted to let everyone know that she was famished. LOL. Jayne was staying at Ursh's so I dropped her off there and we emptied the car. Ursh let me feed Keely before I left and once that was done I tootled off to find the Premier Inn that Kathy and I were going to be staying in.

I eventually made it - only a couple of miles away - and was just checking in when Kathy arrived. Nicely timed as she was paying with hubby's card. We got the cars emptied and I changed Keely when we got up to the room. I got her ready for bed while I was at it to save time later on. Kathy and I exchanged birthday gifts. I gave her a selection of hand made items and she gave me a beautifully stitched picture, a glass ornie with a saying about friendship on it, and some rolls of ribbon.

We left the hotel just after 7pm and made our way to Clare's house, next door to Ursh. All of us had supplied something for the buffet table and Clare did jacket spuds with chili and bolognese. Absolutely delicious. There were about 10 of there altogether. Seeing as I wasn't driving I had a couple of glasses of wine and we left there just after 11pm. Keely had her bum changed and was in the travel cot by 11.30pm. She was absolutely shattered, but didn't really like the travel cot, which is not like her at all. She was up a few times during the night and eventually I brought her into the bed with me and Kathy.

Saturday was a lovely day. We were up, showered and dressed - including Keely - in plenty of time to get to the school where the meet-up was being held. We were there just before 10am, we even beat Clare there. LOL. Kathy helped me empty my car and we set our stuff up on tables around the library in the school. I had a table for the things I was selling, and I arranged my showing things on another table. Everyone else soon turned up, including Donna who was very nervous about meeting everyone as she'd never been to one of these meet-ups before. I went to meet her in the car park, gave her a hug and introduced her to everyone. Then I taught her how to do hardanger. She did really well and managed to almost finish the C'mas tree design that I brought to show her with. I gave her some perle threads and she's going to practice some more...once I've sent her the chart, which I keep forgetting to do.

Chris and Clare (above)

Angie (below)

Donna (above)

Kathy (below)

Above - Keely asleep on Philippa (Clare's daughter)

Below - Some of the ladies working hard on their projects

Keely, the floozie, sitting on Kylan's knee in his high chair!

We had to vacate the school by 4pm, so we packed up and loaded the cars up again before heading off to the pub for a meal. There were 13 of us plus the baby. The meal was ok, but I was stunned that the pub didn't have a blender to mush some food up for Keely. I ordered her a chicken dinner, but when it came there was only so much of it she could actually eat, basically the mash and gravy. The chicken had been diced up for her but I couldn't get it much smaller for her, the carrots were rock hard and she kept spitting the peas back out again. She doesn't have any teeth yet so chewing stuff was out of the question. I should have got them to warm up the jar of food I had in the bag, but I don't really like giving her jarred food when there is proper food available.

After the meal, Kathy and I went back to the hotel, and proceeded to get sloshed. We drank three bottles of wine between us. Kathy had said she would see to Keely through the night, which she did, bless her. Keely was very unsettled again and ended up back in the bed with us.

On Sunday morning we packed our bags, loaded the cars up again and left the hotel round about 9am. I was home by 1pm after a couple of stops for petrol and a loo break at Morrisons, Boroughbridge. I was absolutely shattered, as was Keely.

I had a great weekend though, meeting some new faces - like Donna, Rosanne, Lynn, and a few others whose names escape me for the moment (sorry ladies but it's 5 days later and you're lucky I can still remember going to Nuneaton let alone anyone's name!) as well as old friends. I can't wait for the next one.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Two Finishes in Two Days

Evening all! Remember those LK Flipits that I finished last Thursday? Well I started the Double Flipits more or less straightaway on Thursday evening and I finished them last night, including the charms! It's not a brill photo but you get the general idea.

And then I had to start something new, so I raided my holiday stash from when Craig and I went to Chester and chose this little LHN design called Schoolgirl Lessons. I started it last night and finished it earlier this evening. Now I have to think what to start next. LOL.

Now that buggerlugs (Keely) has started rolling it's hard to catch her being still to take a decent photo. I managed it this afternoon however, and even caught her smiling. She laughs away at you as soon as she sees the camera, but when you press the button on the top she stops smiling. Little bag. Oh, and the floor's been hoovered since this photo was taken, it sure needed it.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I won a PIF by Tammy on A Crafty Natty. As part of the deal I now have to Pay It Forward to someone else. If you would like to be considered as a recipient then please leave a comment below, and at the end of March I will draw five names - or three depending on how many people leave comments - out of the hat. Those winners will then receive something made by me in the next 365 days. Good luck people.