Sunday, August 23, 2009

Still alive and kicking...

...just in case anyone was wondering! I haven't really felt much like blogging for a couple of months (or is it more?) but thought it was time I got back into it.
I've been busy stitching the last few weeks, here's some pics of what I've been working on. The first one is by The Drawn Thread and is called erm...Sampler of Stitches. This is part 1 almost finished. It has been finished since this photo was taken but it's been put away for now.

The next photo is a HAED called QS Blue Butterfly by Ching-Chou Kuik. This will be for Keely I would think, or possibly for someone else who likes butterflies. I haven't quite decided yet.

And just for the hell of it, here's a few recent photos of Keely. Kate and Keely are away for three weeks - a week in Hull at Kate's dad's, a week in Cleethorpes with him and his family, and another week in Hull - and it's ever so quiet without them here.

This photo was taken back in July I think when we had a few hot days. Keely's godmother Laura was up here and brought her a paddling pool and ball pool. They decided to give Keely an instant boob job. Katie Price eat your heart out!

This was the first time Keely had ever fallen asleep on the floor. She normally has to be held to go to sleep, but she was so shattered she just crashed out here.

We had to get Keely a passport as we're driving down to southern Spain in October, and she's coming with us - seeing as Kate will be at college. This is her passport photo.

She was supposed to be having her afternoon nap, but was more interested in playing peekaboo. I have got a brilliant video clip that I was trying to put on but I can't remember how I did it last time so I've given up. She's a cheeky little bugger.

And last but not least...she gets into everything now. This is her causing mayhem in my office by removing all the envelopes from the bottom shelf. She thought it was highly amusing.