Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Been Playing

I got a new toy the other day, a Palm organiser thing. It's great cos I can do stuff on the laptop then synchronise it with the Palm, so I've been listing all the threads I need or have, and some of the charts I have. Still got a few lists to do, but it's a bit time consuming and I can't stitch at the same time. I'm getting there though and I'm sure by the weekend I'll have most of it done. This Palm organiser is SO much better than my old one that was nicked. I did get that one back after the burglar was sent to prison, but the stylus was missing and although I've tried lots of batteries in it, it doesn't want to work, so it's in the bin. And I got a new one, a much better one.

I was working on this yesterday, and got the writing finished off tonight so that I could get rid of that section of the chart...LOL...and I'm now about halfway through it. I've been doing the backstitch as I go cos I basically hate backstitching all in one go. And I like to see it starting to come together. Next week I'll be starting to move along to the left, with a few more water animals, then on to the land animals.
Tomorrow I'm going to do part 2 of the Polstitches hardanger SAL, and I have a Polstitches hardanger project on the go that I started a while ago. I just have to find it in the drawer. Will post piccies when I'm through.
I've been helping Jayne in the Attic today. I came away with some of my club packs -
  • 2 x Sugar Maple Fabrics - Anita / High Noon
  • 3 x Polstitches Fabrics - Fruit Punch / Pot Pourri / Buttercup
  • 2 x Sassy's Fabbys - Into The Sky / Pistachio Mint

Also 5 of the new Dinky Dyes silks. They're yummy.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kathy's Visit & Some Stitching

Well, Kathy, Guy and Mark left today. They've headed off to Bolton to stay the night with relatives before heading back to Bristol tomorrow. We've had a great few days while they were here, lots of laughing, chatting and stitching.

On Tuesday afternoon we mostly caught up with gossip, shared some stash then Kathy and I took Mollie to the beach for a walk. Guy and Mark spent most of the week upstairs playing on the PS2 with Ian, who was quite handily home for the half term holiday. My kids make lovely babysitters! LOL.

On Wednesday we went to Woodhorn Colliery Museum. We got there for 10am and left by 11am as the twins were bored out of their skulls and wanted to go home. We went via a couple of shops to buy stuff for tea. The kids then spent the rest of the day pestering Ian, while Kathy and I stitched the afternoon away.

On Thursday Kathy and I went over to Jayne's Attic for half an hour and ended up staying about 5 hours. Neither of us had taken any stitching with us, so we were press ganged into doing some model stitching for Jayne. Nothing new there then. She can be very persuasive, can Jayne. LOL. We eventually got back in time for tea.

Friday saw us driving down the A1 to Washington, Tyne & Wear to go to Dainty Supplies, which sells all sort of craft stuff. Guy and Mark had some of their little finished projects with them for me to make into cushion for them, but we ran out of stuffing so we had to go and get some...any excuse. I ended up spending £40, but all on stuff I NEEDED! :o) We dropped in for coffee at my friend June's house on the way home.

Today we've been across to the Attic again, taking some of our own stitching with us this time. We both took the Ozark Sampler SAL. I had already started this month's section of it, so I just got on and did a bit more and now it's finished. The blue isn't really as bright as this, it's more of a pastel colour.

Yesterday I finished a Blackbird Designs thing that I started on Tuesday while I was waiting for Kathy and the boys to arrive. This is Thistle Manor, stitched on Polstitches Northern Lights Fabric, with Carrie's Creation Lagoon Green stranded cotton.

Now I'm knackered and am going to spend as long as possible in bed tomorrow to try and catch up on some sleep. I will catch up with everyone else's blogs tomorrow. Nite Nite! And Kathy...it was great to see you all again and to have you stay with us. Roll on March.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Not long now!

By this time tomorrow Kathy and the twins will be here for a few days holiday. Can't wait to see them again, seems ages since I was there in the summer. I should have been visiting her again last November when her hubby was away, but of course, I had a bad back and had just got out of hospital, so I couldn't go.
While they're here we're going to go to Woodhorn, mainly because I haven't been there yet but also because I think Guy and Mark will enjoy it. It's all just been refurbished and done up. We're going there on Wednesday weather permitting. Thursday I haven't decided about yet, and on Friday Ian is going to babysit so that I can take Kathy to Kate's Kloths here in Blyth and then to Jayne's Attic. I feel a spending spree coming on.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mini Mandala Finish

Well, I've worked hard on this all day today and finally got it finished before I head off to bed. The photo isn't all that good as you can't really make out the metallics and the beads, but I will try to scan it tomorrow and see if it comes out any better. I've used all DMC threads, apart from the Kreinik metallics, and Mill Hill beads. I've really enjoyed stitching it and can't wait to start some more.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another 4MB Finish

I finished this earlier today, it's called Needle and Thread and it's a 4 My Boys design. I'm thinking about turning some of these smaller finishes into quilt blocks...what do you think?

This is stitched on Dragon Fabric Mummies Curse, with all Dragon Floss threads, apart from the writing which is an Ozark Sampler thread called Mistletoe.

Now I have to think of something else to start tomorrow. I have a few more 4MB designs I could do, but I think they're mostly snowman related, or I have some Bent Creek, Lizzie*Kate and over 5000 other charts. What to do, what to do...???

Time for bed. Nite nite.

Gorgeous Meal

Last night, Craig cooked a fantastic meal, all from scratch, nothing prepacked or frozen. For starters we had prawn cocktail, served on red heart shaped plates. This was followed by steak and all the trimmings - chips, side salad, battered mushrooms and battered onion rings. Finally we had a home-made syrup sponge pudding and custard, that Craig has never made for us before and was done in the microwave. It was absolutely scrumptious and he can definitely make that again. LOL. It was all washed down with a bottle of bubbly and a bottle of Chardonnay. Afterwards (and after the kids had washed up) we watched Prime Suspect that we had recorded on Freeview from last October and never got round to watching. Part 2 is tonight if there is nothing on the TV worth watching.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sweet but Sneaky!

I have a very sneaky husband. This morning when I got up there was a bunch of dark pink roses on the table for St Valentine's Day, as well as two cards from Craig. This isn't unusual as I always get flowers and two cards on 14th February from him...one for St V's Day, and the other for our wedding anniversary. Yes, I know, very cheesy. LOL.

Anyway, about half an hour ago there was a knock at the door and when I went to answer it, there was a woman stood there with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. These ones are for our anniversary according to the card that came with them. The smell emanating from them is lovely. Isn't that sweet?

Tonight Craig is cooking us a meal and I've banned from the fridge for the day. We bought our anniversary present on Sunday - a bird feeding table for the back garden. We went halves on the price as we couldn't think of anything else to buy. The 5th anniversary is wood, and we always buy something to correspond with the traditional value for each year. I think last year was leather and I bought him a leather photo frame. He bought me a little leather jewellery box. I can't wait to see what he's cooking. Watch this space.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

In The Garden Of My Heart

I've been working on this today. It's called 'In The Garden Of My Heart' and it's by Elizabeth's Designs. I love her stuff, lots of different stitches etc. I'm stitching with this with the recommended threads, mostly DMC but also some Weeks Dye Works colours. I have a couple missing so I'll have to order them through the week.


Hey Kathy, hope you're having a fantastic day, and that me singing to you down the phone didn't upset you too much. ROFL.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mandala Update

After working on this most of today, I've managed to get all of the inside finished, which includes all the speciality stitches and beads. Now I have the flower heads to do and the outside borders, which will hopefully be finished next weekend.

It's been a horrible day here. The rain has never stopped and I've had to have the lamp on all day to stitch as it doesn't seem to have got any lighter AT ALL at any point. Dull, wet, windy and generally miserable. But at least it wasn't snowing.

My cousin Michelle came over today with her 7 year old son Jordan, who I haven't seen for a while. He seems to be getting taller and he sounds really funny calling me Jacqueline. Him and Michelle have just left their old house and moved somewhere else, don't know where and I didn't ask. Her husband Trevor was my driving instructor, but they haven't been getting on and she's finally left him. Craig took them to see this bloke he knows who has some kittens, and she came away with one that is about 16 weeks old. Molly wasn't impressed when they brought the carrier into the house. The kitten was hissing at her, and she was growling at it. It was so funny.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Two more finishes

Yesterday I finished this little design by Ozark Sampler called Fantasy Garden. It's stitched on Dragon Fabric Party Time with Kate's Kloths stranded cotton - Sea Breeze. I couldn't decide what to put in the middle then found this little cotton reel charm. As both of these finishes are probably going to be made up into needle cases I thought it would be appropriate. Not sure WHEN exactly they'll be finished off though.

The second design is called Buttons & Lace from The Calico Cat. Again it's stitched on Party Time, this time with Kate's Kloths stranded cotton called Blueberry. The buttons on the chart are round and all the same colour, but I quite liked these heart buttons, and I tried to match them to the thread colours.
Craig and I have been out and about today in the freezing cold. Of course I let him drive. Just as well cos it kept lashing it down with sleet, rain and snow. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go to Hobbycraft or Dainty Supplies in Washington, but I was just at HC at the weekend and it's ages since I've been to Dainty so we went there. I bought some stuff for Christmas advent pressies, some Mill Hill beads (only £1.32 a pack), some cording and some beads on a roll, for finishing things off. I was gonna buy some ready made tassles too, but thought they looked a bit grotty so I'm going to have a go at making some myself. That'll be interesting.
It's hoying it down outside. Dene just came back from walking the dog and she is soaking wet, and muddy as anything...as is my nightie now after she jumped up at me. Rotten dog.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

All Systems Go

WOOHOO! It's all systems go. I had a phone call from Paul this morning and everything has been approved for my new car, and he was just about to order it. He double checked the colour I wanted and said he'd be in touch a bit nearer the time to arrange an MOT for my current car. Craig reckons the wheel bearings at the rear are on their way out, and I still have a tyre on from three years ago when I first got it. Every time the car goes in for service they recommend it be changed, but when we go to Kwikfit they say there's still plenty of tread on it. I suppose if the MOT says it has to be changed then they will HAVE go change it.
I woke up to snow this morning (ACK!!!) and I hate snow. The main roads aren't too bad, but out little square is still coated in the horrible stuff. I've been out in the car round to Mam and Dad's. I took her the Cottage Garden picture (the top photo from the post under this one) as she liked that one, and told her it's her Mothers Day present. It's a month early but what the heck. I took the other two pictures round to show them too, and they liked them. Of course, Dad had to have his in depth inspection. I'm sure he just does it to try and spot the mistakes, but HAH! he was scuppered today cos there weren't any. LOL!
I've had another almost stitchless day today. Instead I've been having a sort through of my magazine/chart crate. I've binned a few print offs and have a pile of magazines that are free to a good home if anyone is interested. I just need postage as magazines are pretty heavy to mail. Here's a list...
  • Issue 142 - November 2005
  • Issue 146 - March 2006
  • Issue 147 - April 2006
  • Issue 148 - May 2006
  • Issue 149 - June 2006
  • Issue 150 - July 2006
  • Issue 151 - August 2006
  • Issue 152 - September 2006
  • Issue 153 - October 2006
  • Issue 154 - November 2006
  • Issue 155 - December 2006
  • Issue 116 - November 2006 - Taken
  • Issue 120
  • Issue 178 - October 2006
  • Issue 180 - November 2006
  • Jan/Feb 2006
  • Mar/Apr 2006
  • Jul/Aug 2006
  • Sep/Oct 2006 - Taken
  • Jan/Feb 2007 - Taken
  • Christmas 2006 - Issue 92
  • December 2006 - Issue 93 - Taken
  • January 2007 - Issue 94 - Taken
  • All Our Yesterdays - Summer Rain (K764)
  • All Our Yesterdays - Spinning Hoops (K886)
  • WOCS Flower Fairies Calendar 2007
  • WOCS Bonus Charts 2007 (came in same pack as above calendar)
  • WOCS Blue Tits Chart
  • Giant Sunshine Flowers Chart (from Cross Stitcher magazine)
  • Cattitudes Calendar 2005 (From Card Making & Papercraft magazine)
  • DMC Christmas Decorations (P5059)
  • Stoney Creek - Mythical Fantasies (Book 292)
  • Stitch A Year Of Cuddles 2006 Calendar (from Cross Stitcher)
  • WOCS Farmyard Friends chart
  • Textile Heritage Collection - Pansies
  • Cross My Heart (CSB192) - Spellbinders
  • All Our Yesterdays (K3880) - 3 Cards Kit
  • Anchor Design Studio - Farm Animals
  • WOCS - 101 Charts
  • Sampler Quilts magazine #57 - Taken
  • All Our Yesterdays 0-9 booklet
  • All Our Yesterdays Alphabet booklet
  • Anchor Newtons Law - Roses Are Red (NL117)
  • Taj Mahal chart from CSC114/Feb 2005
  • Bucilla - Two By Two Growth Chart

If you're interested, my email address is at the bottom of the page, just drop me a line.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Roll On 5th May

I've been and ordered my new car today. The one I have at the moment is a Focus C-Max 1.8 LX. My new one will be a Focus C-Max 1.8 Zetec and it's going to be Aquarius metallic blue. The one I have now is dark metallic blue. I can't wait till it's ready for me to collect, which should be 5th May. Dishy Paul is gonna ring me in the next couple of days just to confirm that it's all going through. And I only have to pay £175 advance payment. The new car will have a heated windscreen which will be a godsend, as the blowers are crap on the LX when I get fogged up.

More good news! After we ordered the car, we went over to Jayne's and I picked up my stuff from the framers. There were four items to collect but I can only show you three as the other one is for someone's birthday. The top picture is Cottage Garden from Dinky Dyes. You can't see the frame on this one but it's just plain pine, the same as the other two. The middle picture is a Patricia Ann design, from a magazine and I think it's called Past Times. And finally, Hyacinth House by Elizabeth's Designs.
I should have been stitching on Celtic Autumn today, but apart from the fact that we've hardly been in today, I haven't really felt like it when I have been in the house. I've done maybe 30 stitches on her. I think tomorrow, as I have a free day (the second part of the Ozark Sampler SAL isn't here yet) I'll do some more work on the Mini Mandala, and maybe start and put some of the beads on. That'll be fun.
Amazingly enough I was very restrained in the Attic and only paid for the framing, bought some threads and a piece of material for stitching Loopylou's Mistletoe on...eventually. I think it's this particular design that I'm waiting for the threads for from Stitching Bits & Bobs. They were ordered on 9th January, and they've allegedly been shipped, but I'm not holding my breath. They should be here this week.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Here's 'The Earth...' after working on it for most of today. There's nothing really recognisable about it this week, I was just working my way through the threads and stitching where I could. That red bit is a fish. The yellow bit at the top will be a dolphin, and the orange bit at the left hand side is gonna be a walrus. I'm getting there slowly. Every little helps right?

Tomorrow Craig is taking my car to Kwikfit to get the tyre fixed that he should have done a few days ago when he knew it had a slow puncture. He's had to put the space saver tyre on it tonight as there's a screw in the back nearside tyre and he still has to have a trip to Kwikfit in the morning. Then we're off to the Ford showroom to order my new car. Apparently I will be getting a voucher for £250 from Ford as a Loyalty Payment for getting another Ford, and Paul, the nice, good looking Motability specialist at the Ford showroom, will sort it out for me tomorrow. I'm going to get another Focus C-Max, which is what I'm used to, and what I passed my test in. Hopefully it'll be available for me to pick up on 5th May, the day after we get back from our holiday in Cornwall.

After the car thing, we're off to the Attic, where hopefully my framing will be ready for me to pick up...and I might just have to buy some other stuff, though I WILL try to resist. How successful that is is debatable, but we shall see.

Kate is at a concert tonight. Shayne Ward. He won the X-Factor last year. Teenagers these days have no taste. When I was a teenager it was the Bay City Rollers, The Osmonds, The Jackson Five, Mud, Slade...oh those were the days. Songs that had lyrics that you could sing along to cos you knew what they were saying. Slade might not have been good spellers, but come on...Cum On Feel The Noize?...a classic. And I always have the BCR CD in the car. It really pisses the kids off when I put that one on, full blast, and sing along at the top of my voice. They love it! NOT!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday HD

I finished this today after a trip to Hobbycraft for some beads and Kreinik, and lunch out at a carvery restaurant. It was lovely - there were loads of people waiting for tables and no seats, which meant I had to stand. The nice man who was giving tables out brought me a chair to sit on while we were waiting, and then when he took us to our table he gave us one with a comfy seat for me. How thoughtful is that! Most people don't bother, even when I specially ask for a comfy seat. And lunch was scrummy. Though I was stuffed before I could finish my syrup sponge and custard.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mini Mandala Update

This is my Saturday rotation project that was started on my birthday after Jayne nagged me into it.
I'm almost finished the cross stitching and next week should be able to make a start on the speciality stitches and the beading.
I see a trip to Hobbycraft in the forseeable future - probably tomorrow - as need some Kreinik and the beads to do said beading.
Also tomorrow I'll be working on Comfort & Rest and should hopefully get it finished. Another one to add to the "Things To Finish Off/Get Framed" pile. Gets bigger by the week this pile. If I was clever enough I would make some of them into quilt squares and make a quilt for our bed, which I've been threatening to do for a while now. Need more hours in the day and a bigger table, and another pair of hands. LOL.

HD...But Not A...

stitching one! England just trounced Scotland 42 - 20 to win back the Calcutta Cup in the Six Nations tournament. Man of the Match was Jonny Wilkinson who not only scored a few penalties, but also a try of his own and a couple of conversions. Not to mention a drop goal as well. And we can't leave out Jason Robinson, who came out of retirement to score two tries. Let's hope they keep up the good work and can manage to do well, not only in the Six Nations, but in this years World Cup. I much prefer watching rugby to football...shorter shorts and less fannying about pretending to be injured. Footballers are a bunch of pansy prima donnas.

Before I go to bed...

...I thought I would post my latest finish. This is Signs Of Spring from Bent Creek. It's stitched on Dragon Fabric - Sunset, using DMC threads.
Craig has come up with an interesting thing. In January I had 8 finishes. He says if I average eight per month over 2007 that'll be...counting on fingers...96! Not only do I think that would be a tad impossible, but it would also pee Kathy off no end. ALTHOUGH...it might be worth a try. LOL.
I don't suppose I'll have a finish tomorrow cos I'll be working on the Mini Mandala, but there could be one on Sunday, all being well. Watch this space.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sweetheart Sampler

I had a new start today...and another finish. It's from Blackbird Designs and it's called Sweetheart Sampler. It's stitched on Dragon Fabric - Lovers Lane (from Polstitches) with DMC 3011, as suggested on the chart. I think it would look equally as nice using a hand-dyed thread.
I am now celebrating the finish with my feet soaking in the foot spa that I received for Christmas from Craig. Thought I should christen it. All through January I've been trying to get it out of the box and used, but something always came up or I was sidetracked.
And I now have to think what I can start next Thursday. Tomorrow I'm going to start Signs Of Spring from Bent Creek.