Monday, September 29, 2008

Couple of recent finishes

I've finished these over the last few days. They're both going to be made up into needlecases for my shop site.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The money in my PayPal account was burning a hole, so I decided to explore the sites in my favourites and spend some of it on fabric for my patchwork and finishing projects etc.
This second lot is what I bought from eBay, a selection of Laura Ashley fabrics, which I love.

And finally, I can't let too many days go by without the obligatory baby photo. I took this earlier today when she was smiling with wind, but by the time the shutter clicked she'd stopped...little bugger. She's still cute though. We're babysitting her tonight as she was awake from 3am this morning and poor Kate is knackered. I've done something naughty and put her to sleep tonight on her front. My three all slept on their tummies, and Craig says all his six did too, and they all slept great. Keely is asleep in just a nappy and vest, knees bent, bum in the air, no dummy. BLISS!

Monday, September 22, 2008

News Update

Hmmm...I was going to put some photos up from my holiday last week in Great Yarmouth, but they're not where I thought I'd saved them so I'm going to have to hunt for them...later. LOL.
Today I started work, after a gap of almost 7 years! It's not a job as such, it's a work placement, arranged for me by the Shaw Trust who try to get disabled people back into work. I'm doing administration work for Sure Start in Cramlington, another small town approx 8 miles away. It's not rocket science and until my password comes through for the computer there's not an awful lot for me to do to be honest. Today I've been through my induction with my boss, June, and I did some photocopying, purchase orders, inputting data on her computer and filing. A doddle. I was only there for four hours, and I'm back again tomorrow for another four, after I've taken Kate to the registry office to get Keely's birth certificate.
In the absence of holiday photos, here's some more pics of Keely intstead, which I'm sure most of you will prefer anyway...

^ My brother Kevin ^

^ Step-daughter Ainsley with Keely ^

^ Grumpy Baby ^

^ Kate with her gorgeous daughter ^

^ Who can resist this face? ^
10 days old

Keely had a visit from the Health Visitor today while I was at work, and she was weighed for the first time since coming out of hospital. She's now 9lb 4ozs, which is good. She's obviously put on whatever she lost in the first few days and added another couple of ounces too. Kate went home today too. She said if she'd stayed here any longer she wouldn't have wanted to go back. LOL. Of course, Keely picked today to be a worky-ticket and she apparently screamed most of the afternoon. Kate couldn't get her settled and so there were a few tears. As soon as Craig took Keely off Kate she shut up and went to sleep, which of course upset Kate even more, thinking she's a crap mother etc etc. When I went round after work, Keely was fast asleep in Kate's arms finally and when Kate had to get up to do a few things, Keely was more than happy asleep on my very comfortable belly, where she stayed for a couple of hours. This gave Kate time to do a bit of tidying up. I suggested Kate made and ate her tea too while the baby was asleep, which she did, so she had it in peace. I left not long after this and put Keely in her bouncy chair where she was quite happy but was starting to stir. She probably had a bottle not long after I left.

After Craig and I had some tea, him and Ainsley went round to Kate's to help with another couple of jobs - like the padlock on the side gate of her house - so I've had a nice bath in peace and quiet, with no one to disturb me and for a change, no phone calls. If' I'd left the phone, and my mobile in the sitting room, they would have been ringing like mad. But every time I take them with me in the bathroom they stay quiet.

We have managed to rehome Mollie too. With me starting work and the kids all moved out it means that she would have been left alone in the house for long periods of time, which she's not used to, and she's not getting as many walks now as she was when Dene was home. I put an advert in AdMag last week and eventually someone took her last night. Actually someone took her yesterday afternoon, but they brought her back after half an hour. They said she'd gone for one of their kids, but Mollie is the softest dog in the world, so they must have been tormenting her. And she was fine with the kids when they all came round here to look at her. Ah well, at least it's one less thing to worry about when we go on holidays or we're all out through the day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Abseiling for charity

Craig and I took Ian to the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead at lunch time so he could do his charity abseil. Only took him about 10 mins from getting there to getting down. LOL. I managed to get a couple of photos but they're not very good ones.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I guess she must be comfortable!

But I don't know how, she's all scrunched up and doesn't look at all comfortable. However, she's been asleep like this for the last 2-3 hours, the longest Kate's held her in one go, so she must be. Doesn't she look cute?

Been to see Great Gran and Great Granda today

"Hmmm...this is the woman who puts her teeth in the washing machine by I really related to her? LOL."

"And this is my Great Granda...sun's in my eyes Gt Granda!"

We've had a busy day today. First of all Kate, Keely and I went down to the shops in Blyth. By the time we got there Keely decided she was hungry, so her and Kate stayed in the car so she could have a bottle. I went to Klick to get some proper photos done from my digital camera, then to the card shop to buy a birthday card for XDH as it's his birthday on Tuesday, and Adams where I couldn't help myself and bought Keely a couple of things.
After that we tootled over to the Mitre to see Granda Mick at work (not officially her Granda seeing as we're divorced) and we picked up Ian before going to the pub for lunch. We left Ian behind and went to see my friend June. She was in her element with Keely. And Wendy wasn't impressed with the disgustingly shitty nappy that she had to change cos no one else would.
We then headed back to Blyth, but went to Mam and Dad's before home. I had to collect some sponsor money for Ian, he's abseiling off the top of the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead tomorrow at 1pm. He'd better not wimp out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's photos

AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! There's that bloody woman with the flashy thing again!

Lovely and comfy here, nice soft pillows.

My cousin Michelle's son, Jordan. He's been itching to hold Keely since he saw her on Tuesday.

My first bath....splish splash. Where's my little ducky?

Well some of them are from yesterday but I forget which ones...oh, the ones with the striped sleepsuit. LOL.
Kate is looking a lot better today, though at this time of night she's starting to flag a bit. She didn't get much sleep last night, so tonight she's going to brave the stairs and sleep in our bed so she gets a decent sleep. Keely enjoyed her first bath - she didn't scream the house down so she must have liked it. She's fast asleep in her basket now. She looks so cute and gorgeous.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

YIPPEE!! Coming Home!

Kate rang me a short while ago, she's being discharged today. She was just waiting for the nurse to come and do her blood pressure, temperature and check her wound, then she'll be discharged. She reckons about lunch time. I've got some clothes ready for Kate, just need to go round to her house and pick up a couple of things for Keely, then I'll go up and get them. The car seat is in the car ready - Craig showed me how to strap it in earlier - so we're all sorted. Kate and Keely are staying here for a few days at first, till Kate is more mobile, then she'll go round to her own house.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One day old

I took my Dad in to see Kate and Keely this afternoon. I couldn't get in the car park I normally park in (supposedly for patients) so I had to park in the main car park and PAY for the privilege, then had a 3 mile walk to get to the main entrance. I was knackered by the time we got to the ward - almost turfed Kate out of her bed so I could have a lie down. LOL. Kate looked much better today, more rested, although she was complaining that she needed a shower. I hadn't taken in her spare pyjamas so told her to wait till later when I went back again. Keely didn't take to breast feeding, so Kate got herself a bit upset last night, thinking she was a crap Mam cos she couldn't feed her own baby herself. She seems to be a lot happier on the bottled stuff so Kate is just going to stick to that.
Tonight me, Craig and Ainsley went in to see them. I went to the shower room with Kate to make sure she was ok, and she felt much better after she'd washed her hair etc. She's completely off the drip and catheter now, and was going to be having the dressing removed from her wound after we'd gone. She's been told that if her mobility is ok tomorrow they can both come home. They're coming here for a couple of days first till Kate can get about a bit better.
Certain people have been complaining that there's no photo of me with Keely, so here you go, fill yer boots. Ignore the shiny face - it was like a bloody oven in that room - and make the most of it cos I hate having my photo taken. There's also a couple more photos of Keely cos I know you can't resist.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More pics....

Yes I know, you're all going to be bored rigid with all these baby photos, but I don't really care, it's MY blog and I'll do what I there! Here's Kate wearing her sexy socks. She's still hooked up to the drip at the moment, thankfully not the one who impregnated her (sorry couldn't resist that one!) but I expect it'll be taken out tomorrow, along with the catheter.

Kate with Keely this afternoon. I know it was this afternoon cos Ainsley still has her school uniform on. You know what my memory is like. And here's Keely with Uncle Dene...then with Auntie Ainsley...and with Grandpa Craig.

Proud to present...

...KEELY ALICE METCALFE. Kate was in labour most of yesterday and finally let us ring the hospital at about 6.30pm. We rang the hospital and then for an ambulance, and arrived at the hospital at just before 7pm. Kate spent most of the next few hours away with the fairies with the gas and air - lovely stuff - and had a shot of pethedine too to help with the pain. At midnight, she was examined and was still only about 8 or 9 cms dilated. They eventually decided at about 2am to perform a C Section and she was taken to theatre 15 mins later. I was allowed in with her after I'd been gowned up, and the baby arrived at 2.45am, screeching her head off. She weighed in at a healthy 9lb 2ozs, has all her fingers and toes and fine dark hair.

When I left the hospital at about 5.30am, mother and baby were doing really well, though of course Kate is absolutely knackered. She's not the only one...YAAAAWN! I'll take some more pics of Keely later on when I go back to see her. Am off for some well needed sleep.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Although the baby still isn't making an appearance, she's making her presence felt. Kate woke up in the early hours of yesterday morning with a wet bed and jammie bottoms, so she got up and changed them and went back to bed. Next time she got up they were wet again. She was having pains every 5 mins throughout the day, lasting for approx 13-15 seconds. And she hadn't felt the baby move all day. She rang the hospital and they told her to go in.
I drove her up there, through torrential rain and floods, and they strapped her to a monitor - second day in a row - for an hour, took some swabs and sent her home again. Sigh!
She's been here since late morning today, in absolute agony. The pains are much stronger, are coming closer together, about 3 mins apart, and lasting for almost a minute. I don't know whether it's worth ringing the hospital again, just for them to monitor her for an hour and send her home again, or to leave it a bit longer and see how it goes. She's not keen on going up again if it's a false alarm.
Kate is due to be induced at 9pm on Tuesday night, and if these pains continue till then it's going to be a rough couple of days for her.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

D-DAY +6

Kate is still hanging on to her bump. She's six days overdue now and she's really fed up. I bet you she has to be induced next week. She's tried caster oil and wasn't impressed. Tonight is curry night! Will probably have the same effect as the caster oil...LOL. I wish she would hurry up.

We've had Ainsley's social worker here the last couple of days. She had to ask lots of questions of Craig and I, about where we grew up, our parents etc, so that they can do background checks on us before they can say that Ainsley will be staying with us for good. She also had a word with Ainsley alone to see how she was getting on and how she feels about everything. The SW - another Jacqui - thinks everything should go through without any problems.