Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One day old

I took my Dad in to see Kate and Keely this afternoon. I couldn't get in the car park I normally park in (supposedly for patients) so I had to park in the main car park and PAY for the privilege, then had a 3 mile walk to get to the main entrance. I was knackered by the time we got to the ward - almost turfed Kate out of her bed so I could have a lie down. LOL. Kate looked much better today, more rested, although she was complaining that she needed a shower. I hadn't taken in her spare pyjamas so told her to wait till later when I went back again. Keely didn't take to breast feeding, so Kate got herself a bit upset last night, thinking she was a crap Mam cos she couldn't feed her own baby herself. She seems to be a lot happier on the bottled stuff so Kate is just going to stick to that.
Tonight me, Craig and Ainsley went in to see them. I went to the shower room with Kate to make sure she was ok, and she felt much better after she'd washed her hair etc. She's completely off the drip and catheter now, and was going to be having the dressing removed from her wound after we'd gone. She's been told that if her mobility is ok tomorrow they can both come home. They're coming here for a couple of days first till Kate can get about a bit better.
Certain people have been complaining that there's no photo of me with Keely, so here you go, fill yer boots. Ignore the shiny face - it was like a bloody oven in that room - and make the most of it cos I hate having my photo taken. There's also a couple more photos of Keely cos I know you can't resist.


Kathy said...

He he he just love naggin ya sis, awwwww what lovely Pics, and a nice one of both of you together. The proud granny.

Hugs xxxx

Lynn said...

aaaww, she's still raising her fists are every one lol Glad Kate is feeling better today, but don't let her go doing too much, that op takes a while to get over!

btw, like the new hair do Jacqui ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw isn't she sweet. Lovely to see you in the photos with her too Jacqui.