Tuesday, September 02, 2008

D-DAY +6

Kate is still hanging on to her bump. She's six days overdue now and she's really fed up. I bet you she has to be induced next week. She's tried caster oil and wasn't impressed. Tonight is curry night! Will probably have the same effect as the caster oil...LOL. I wish she would hurry up.

We've had Ainsley's social worker here the last couple of days. She had to ask lots of questions of Craig and I, about where we grew up, our parents etc, so that they can do background checks on us before they can say that Ainsley will be staying with us for good. She also had a word with Ainsley alone to see how she was getting on and how she feels about everything. The SW - another Jacqui - thinks everything should go through without any problems.


Lynn said...

good luck with it all Jacqui, the 'checks' are very intense aren't they? Hope Ainsley is settling in well.

Pinkess Lozza said...

I hope the curry works, I can't waaaaaait much longer lol =P If not grab the postman in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The curry & caster oil worked for me lol. Good luck Kate xx