Monday, September 22, 2008

News Update

Hmmm...I was going to put some photos up from my holiday last week in Great Yarmouth, but they're not where I thought I'd saved them so I'm going to have to hunt for them...later. LOL.
Today I started work, after a gap of almost 7 years! It's not a job as such, it's a work placement, arranged for me by the Shaw Trust who try to get disabled people back into work. I'm doing administration work for Sure Start in Cramlington, another small town approx 8 miles away. It's not rocket science and until my password comes through for the computer there's not an awful lot for me to do to be honest. Today I've been through my induction with my boss, June, and I did some photocopying, purchase orders, inputting data on her computer and filing. A doddle. I was only there for four hours, and I'm back again tomorrow for another four, after I've taken Kate to the registry office to get Keely's birth certificate.
In the absence of holiday photos, here's some more pics of Keely intstead, which I'm sure most of you will prefer anyway...

^ My brother Kevin ^

^ Step-daughter Ainsley with Keely ^

^ Grumpy Baby ^

^ Kate with her gorgeous daughter ^

^ Who can resist this face? ^
10 days old

Keely had a visit from the Health Visitor today while I was at work, and she was weighed for the first time since coming out of hospital. She's now 9lb 4ozs, which is good. She's obviously put on whatever she lost in the first few days and added another couple of ounces too. Kate went home today too. She said if she'd stayed here any longer she wouldn't have wanted to go back. LOL. Of course, Keely picked today to be a worky-ticket and she apparently screamed most of the afternoon. Kate couldn't get her settled and so there were a few tears. As soon as Craig took Keely off Kate she shut up and went to sleep, which of course upset Kate even more, thinking she's a crap mother etc etc. When I went round after work, Keely was fast asleep in Kate's arms finally and when Kate had to get up to do a few things, Keely was more than happy asleep on my very comfortable belly, where she stayed for a couple of hours. This gave Kate time to do a bit of tidying up. I suggested Kate made and ate her tea too while the baby was asleep, which she did, so she had it in peace. I left not long after this and put Keely in her bouncy chair where she was quite happy but was starting to stir. She probably had a bottle not long after I left.

After Craig and I had some tea, him and Ainsley went round to Kate's to help with another couple of jobs - like the padlock on the side gate of her house - so I've had a nice bath in peace and quiet, with no one to disturb me and for a change, no phone calls. If' I'd left the phone, and my mobile in the sitting room, they would have been ringing like mad. But every time I take them with me in the bathroom they stay quiet.

We have managed to rehome Mollie too. With me starting work and the kids all moved out it means that she would have been left alone in the house for long periods of time, which she's not used to, and she's not getting as many walks now as she was when Dene was home. I put an advert in AdMag last week and eventually someone took her last night. Actually someone took her yesterday afternoon, but they brought her back after half an hour. They said she'd gone for one of their kids, but Mollie is the softest dog in the world, so they must have been tormenting her. And she was fine with the kids when they all came round here to look at her. Ah well, at least it's one less thing to worry about when we go on holidays or we're all out through the day.

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