Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Couple of finishes

I know I haven't posted anything on here for a couple of weeks, but I've had nothing to post about, apart from the stupid things that Ainsley gets up to, but I don't want to bore you with her. LOL.

I do have a couple of finishes to share with you though. The first one I finished on Sunday and is a traditional sampler that I found in a Cross Stitcher magazine. I didn't have all of the colours it recommended so I just went for colours that were similar, especially the beads. I think it looks ok.

And this second finish, which was about half an hour ago, is called In A Quaker Fashion and I have no idea who the designer is. The chart calls for NPI Silks and erm...some other silk, neither of which I had, so I just used DMC threads in approximately the same colours.

And the final piccie is of Keely, eating a plum. Actually, more like sucking it to death, and she loved it. The health visitor has told Kate that she needs to start giving Keely more home made food to eat rather than the jars that we've been giving her. She was weighed yesterday and had only put two ounces on in a fortnight.

It was my birthday yesterday and I had quite a good day. Craig ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered which were lovely, Kate bought me a necklace with a heart that says Mum on it, but it appears to have fallen off the chain...I'll have to have a good look for it. Ian bought me Season 2 of Law & Order: SVU, I got money from my parents, and Dene has just come in with Professor Layton and the Curious Village for my Nintendo DS. WOOHOO!!! I wanted this for C'mas but everywhere was sold out, so I'm really chuffed he managed to find it today.

Craig cooked last night. Not that that is unusual as he cooks virtually every night, but he did something different last night. For starter we had smoked haddock gratin, followed by roast lamb, roast veggies and sweet potato and carrot mash (which was disgusting to be honest - not the lamb and roast veggies, just the mash) and for dessert we had chocolate fondant. It was all yummy apart from the mash stuff, which everybody tasted by no-one liked.

Monday, January 05, 2009

I think I'd better slow down LOL

I finished this yesterday, it's called Somebunny To Love and the chart was in an issue of WOCS. One of the feet went a bit wrong but it doesn't look too bad. I hope.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2nd finish of the year

Told ya I'd have this finished today. LOL. I don't normally do stuff like Popcorn or Tatty Ted cos there's far too much backstitching to do on them, but seeing as this was just little I broke my own rule.
Keely's getting very clever, she can sit up all by herself now (with a few wobbles) and she can roll from front to back, and has been for a while apparently, but I only saw her for the first time today.
Kate and Ainsley went to see High School Musical On Ice last night at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. They had wicked seats - cos we bought the tickets as soon as they went on sale - and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Now I just have to put up with the DVDs...sigh!

Friday, January 02, 2009

First post of 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Did you all have a good C'mas? We sure did. I got lots of nice pressies, lunch was scrumptious made by the multi-talented Craig, and no one fell out with anyone else. Perfect! LOL. Keely was a bit bemused by the whole thing but she was very good all day. This is her trying out one of her new toys. There are things that go over the top but I took the photo before it all got put together.
Old Year's Night was very quiet in the Elliott household. Dene came over to see the old year out then he walked home, although he was offered a bed for the night. Yesterday we all went over to Mam and Dad's for tea and a game of cards.
I've had my first stitchy finish for 2009, first finish in ages actually. It's a little Jayne's Attic design from a few years ago. This will either be made into a card or a little ornie, haven't decided yet. And I've made a start on something else too, a Popcorn design from a magazine. Will post a photo when it's finished, hopefully tomorrow.