Friday, January 02, 2009

First post of 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Did you all have a good C'mas? We sure did. I got lots of nice pressies, lunch was scrumptious made by the multi-talented Craig, and no one fell out with anyone else. Perfect! LOL. Keely was a bit bemused by the whole thing but she was very good all day. This is her trying out one of her new toys. There are things that go over the top but I took the photo before it all got put together.
Old Year's Night was very quiet in the Elliott household. Dene came over to see the old year out then he walked home, although he was offered a bed for the night. Yesterday we all went over to Mam and Dad's for tea and a game of cards.
I've had my first stitchy finish for 2009, first finish in ages actually. It's a little Jayne's Attic design from a few years ago. This will either be made into a card or a little ornie, haven't decided yet. And I've made a start on something else too, a Popcorn design from a magazine. Will post a photo when it's finished, hopefully tomorrow.


Sheila said...

Love this little tree - it would make a great christmas ornament. Happy New Year :)

fireflydreams said...

It's beautiful Jacqui, it would make a lovely ornament for my tree :)