Wednesday, February 07, 2007

All Systems Go

WOOHOO! It's all systems go. I had a phone call from Paul this morning and everything has been approved for my new car, and he was just about to order it. He double checked the colour I wanted and said he'd be in touch a bit nearer the time to arrange an MOT for my current car. Craig reckons the wheel bearings at the rear are on their way out, and I still have a tyre on from three years ago when I first got it. Every time the car goes in for service they recommend it be changed, but when we go to Kwikfit they say there's still plenty of tread on it. I suppose if the MOT says it has to be changed then they will HAVE go change it.
I woke up to snow this morning (ACK!!!) and I hate snow. The main roads aren't too bad, but out little square is still coated in the horrible stuff. I've been out in the car round to Mam and Dad's. I took her the Cottage Garden picture (the top photo from the post under this one) as she liked that one, and told her it's her Mothers Day present. It's a month early but what the heck. I took the other two pictures round to show them too, and they liked them. Of course, Dad had to have his in depth inspection. I'm sure he just does it to try and spot the mistakes, but HAH! he was scuppered today cos there weren't any. LOL!
I've had another almost stitchless day today. Instead I've been having a sort through of my magazine/chart crate. I've binned a few print offs and have a pile of magazines that are free to a good home if anyone is interested. I just need postage as magazines are pretty heavy to mail. Here's a list...
  • Issue 142 - November 2005
  • Issue 146 - March 2006
  • Issue 147 - April 2006
  • Issue 148 - May 2006
  • Issue 149 - June 2006
  • Issue 150 - July 2006
  • Issue 151 - August 2006
  • Issue 152 - September 2006
  • Issue 153 - October 2006
  • Issue 154 - November 2006
  • Issue 155 - December 2006
  • Issue 116 - November 2006 - Taken
  • Issue 120
  • Issue 178 - October 2006
  • Issue 180 - November 2006
  • Jan/Feb 2006
  • Mar/Apr 2006
  • Jul/Aug 2006
  • Sep/Oct 2006 - Taken
  • Jan/Feb 2007 - Taken
  • Christmas 2006 - Issue 92
  • December 2006 - Issue 93 - Taken
  • January 2007 - Issue 94 - Taken
  • All Our Yesterdays - Summer Rain (K764)
  • All Our Yesterdays - Spinning Hoops (K886)
  • WOCS Flower Fairies Calendar 2007
  • WOCS Bonus Charts 2007 (came in same pack as above calendar)
  • WOCS Blue Tits Chart
  • Giant Sunshine Flowers Chart (from Cross Stitcher magazine)
  • Cattitudes Calendar 2005 (From Card Making & Papercraft magazine)
  • DMC Christmas Decorations (P5059)
  • Stoney Creek - Mythical Fantasies (Book 292)
  • Stitch A Year Of Cuddles 2006 Calendar (from Cross Stitcher)
  • WOCS Farmyard Friends chart
  • Textile Heritage Collection - Pansies
  • Cross My Heart (CSB192) - Spellbinders
  • All Our Yesterdays (K3880) - 3 Cards Kit
  • Anchor Design Studio - Farm Animals
  • WOCS - 101 Charts
  • Sampler Quilts magazine #57 - Taken
  • All Our Yesterdays 0-9 booklet
  • All Our Yesterdays Alphabet booklet
  • Anchor Newtons Law - Roses Are Red (NL117)
  • Taj Mahal chart from CSC114/Feb 2005
  • Bucilla - Two By Two Growth Chart

If you're interested, my email address is at the bottom of the page, just drop me a line.


Annemarie said...

Congrats on your new car! Good luck with all that snow. We're expecting it here tomorrow.

Karen said...

You lucky thing a new car I want one!!!!!