Friday, March 06, 2009

Two Finishes in Two Days

Evening all! Remember those LK Flipits that I finished last Thursday? Well I started the Double Flipits more or less straightaway on Thursday evening and I finished them last night, including the charms! It's not a brill photo but you get the general idea.

And then I had to start something new, so I raided my holiday stash from when Craig and I went to Chester and chose this little LHN design called Schoolgirl Lessons. I started it last night and finished it earlier this evening. Now I have to think what to start next. LOL.

Now that buggerlugs (Keely) has started rolling it's hard to catch her being still to take a decent photo. I managed it this afternoon however, and even caught her smiling. She laughs away at you as soon as she sees the camera, but when you press the button on the top she stops smiling. Little bag. Oh, and the floor's been hoovered since this photo was taken, it sure needed it.


Alli said...

Jacqui your L*K double flips look amazing! Can't believe it only took you a week - so jealous! I've been working on my since last year and only been able to get the first three done!


Anonymous said...

WOW hasn't Keely grown what a fab smile.