Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hospital Visit

Well today was interesting...I suppose. I went to the hospital to get my new chicken fillet. For those of you that don't know me, I had a mastectomy just before Christmas 2004. When I left the hospital they gave me a foam prosthesis to use temporarily, but to be honest it wasn't much good. It moves around too much and doesn't stay in the same place. I was forever howking it back into position. However, this morning, seeing as we were taking my Mam up to the hospital, I decided to go and get a new one...and it's EXACTLY like a chicken fillet, well maybe a turkey fillet cos it's quite big. It feels so much more comfy than the old foam one I can tell you. Now all I need is a couple of new bras!

We were at the hospital for ages today. Mam had to see the consultant about whether or not her breast cancer has come back again. She had an op in 1998 and she's never been the same since. The consultant sent her to the radiologist so she could have a needle test done, but we had to wait forever in the x-ray department before he could fit her in to his busy schedule. Once she'd had her test we went back to the clinic where we thought we would have to wait for another hour for the results, but she was told she could go home and the consultant would ring her up later today. Hope she finds out soon, she's a bag of nerves.

Got a nice surprise when we got home. A round robin that I started about 6 months ago came home this morning. There is one square left to do as one of the ladies that was originally taking part had to drop out. I've asked Craig if he will do it for me and he says he will. Also in the post was a dolphin kit that I won on eBay the other day, so I was quite chuffed about that.

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