Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blimey I have loads of sewing projects on the go at the minute. I was just looking through them all. I could do with starting some smaller things so I can have some happy dances sooner rather than later! At the minute I'm busy with: New YeaRR round robin, Nutty Stitchers RR, AOY The Carousel, Heart Sampler, Alter Echo Sampler, French Mystery Marquoir and a cushion that I started last night. I also have a couple of photo charts to make a start on in the next couple of weeks. I finished one last week which I was quite pleased with. Not bad for my first attempt.

Tonight we're off pub quizzing. It's something we do every week, but we don't stick to the same pub all the time, we like to travel about a bit. We've even been known to win...now and then. We don't like to make a habit of it though in case the other teams get jealous.

Going for a nap now. Had to get up early this morning and it's worn me out!

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