Thursday, February 24, 2005

Life Ain't Bad

Thursday 24 Feb
I can't wait till Saturday when we go to the Pins & Needles Show at the Metro Radio Arena. More S.E.X! Mind you, I won't have all that much money to spend, but I'm planning on buying ALL the Dragon Flosses from Jayne of Jayne's Attic. She has a stall there and I'm looking forward to meeting her and getting all the gen on the bargains to be had.

I've just made a list of all the different threads I would like to buy, eventually, and I think one of my kids is going to have to leave home so I can have their room to keep it all in. There certainly won't be room in our bedroom to store it all. Although saying that, by the time I have it all they might have moved out anyway.

Craig applied to Ready Steady Cook for tickets to be in the audience today. They rang him up and said there were two tickets in the post for us. So I guess we're going down to London on 9th March. Should be a good laugh. Craig would also like to take part in the show, cooking, and they're looking for couples to take part. I've printed the application forms out, but to be honest I'm not sure if I want to be on the show. Ainsley Harriet would get on my wick and I'd be tempted to tell him to get out of my way. He does my head in just watching him on TV!

Ian, my youngest son, has gone swimming tonight. He was at the gym last night. He's certainly making more of an effort to keep fit and it makes a change from him being stuck in front of the TV or PS2. I wish his brother would make the effort too. It's murder trying to get him off the PC. As soon as he hears us going out the front door he's there. I suppose it's better than him wandering the streets like some teenagers of almost 19, and he keeps out of trouble if he's in the house.

Mam's needle test that she had on Tuesday came back clear. I think she's relieved that her cancer hasn't come back. She was petrified that it had. So back to annual check-ups again from now on.

I've been having a good sort through my stash and have listed a stack of items on eBay today. I hope some of it sells, we need the money for our holiday later this year. If I can sell it I'll have more room for all those threads that I want. LOL!

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