Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mother's Day

Well today was Mother's Day. I had a good morning - breakfast in bed, three cards and three pressies - vase decorated in hand-made paper, some new embroidery scissors and a huge bunch of flowers.

After dinner we trooped to the old folks home where my Gran lives as today was also her 89th birthday. There were us five, my parents and my brother Kevin. I don't think she really knew what was happening, but she opened her cards, with a bit of help, liked her pressies and her choccy birthday cake and especially the Bailey's Irish Cream that she had to drink. It was interesting to note that although she has three children, seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, there were only cards from us lot, her sister Vi and her niece Mary. She didn't even have cards for Mother's Day from my Mam's siblings, which I thought was a damn shame.

Still, Gran enjoyed herself that was the main thing.

I found out about a week later that Gran did get visitors later in the day so she got more cards and presents. Apologies to my "anonymous" relative who took umbrage at what I wrote above.

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