Thursday, March 10, 2005


On Tuesday night Craig and I went to see Riverdance at the Newcastle Arena. It's their final UK tour and also the 10 year anniversary since it first started. The dancing was just amazing - I can't dance to save my life - and the music and singing weren't bad either. It was well worth the money that my daughter Kate paid for it. Mind you, she wouldn't have needed to have spent as much if she'd just bought us the DVD, but not half as much fun. Think I might have to put the DVD on my Christmas present list, that and Lord of the Dance.
I've just realised that I should be making a note of what my goals are for each month, sewing-wise. These are my goals for March:
Cottage on Crystal's piece for Nutty Stitchers - DONE
Work on Carly's piece for New YeaRR - not received yet
Work on Suzi's piece for Nutty Stitchers - not received yet
Complete Parts 6 and 7 on French Marquoir - DONE
Complete Parts 1, 2 and 3 on Alter Echo Sampler - Part 1 complete, 2 almost, 3 not out yet
Complete Feb and March bands on Heart Sampler - frogs are attacking so not quite
Grandparents I Photochart - need threads
Grandparents II Photochart - need threads
2 x Tatty Ted kits (inherited from daughter) - made a small start on one of them
I've been naughty today and ordered some more Weeks Dye Works threads. I want to get a good collection of threads, from various places, not just DMC or Anchor. I already have all the Dragon Flosses thanks to my trip to the Pins & Needles show a couple of weekends ago, and I haven't stopped drooling over them since. I'll have to stop though or they'll be too soggy to sew with. Mind you, I'm going to hate breaking into a skein to start a project.
Craig and I went to the gym the other day for an assessment. We've been referred to a scheme at the leisure centre called Health Start to try and get us a bit fitter and to lose weight. Hopefully, once we start in April, it'll help my shoulders and back problems, as well as get us fit and healthy. But don't hold your breath! LOL!

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