Monday, September 17, 2007

Time for an update!

Seems ages since I posted anything on here.

I was away over the weekend, to North Yorkshire with the stitching group I go to. Before I went I made the Alphabet Tree up into a pinkeep and sent it off to my friend Marilyn. I rang her while I was away to make sure she received it, and she loved it. Phew!

While I was away I managed to finish the model that I was doing for Jayne, the LK Flipit Bits for 2007. Unfortunately I forgot to take a piccie of the whole thing, but I did remember to takes pics of the final two months. These were really great to stitch and one of these days I'll get round to doing my own Flipit well as all the other LK year long things as well. LOL. Wonder if I ask Santa for more time he'll bring me some. What do you reckon?

Miss Mary Mack - La-D-Da

Also while I was away, I finished Miss Mary Mack from La-D-Da. I altered the border a little bit (or rather I missed some of it off cos I don't think I would have had enough thread left) but I think it looks ok. AND...I brought my Ozark Sampler SAL up-to-date, although I don't have a photo of that. However, I have a new section of it to stitch so I'll wait till I've done that before I take a new photo.

I had a great weekend, and apart from the disappointing visit to Embsay Crafts/Samuel Taylor, where I didn't spend very much money at all, I enjoyed everything we did. We did Embsay on Friday afternoon after our 3 hour drive down the A1. I bought some beads and some plastic bobbins and needles then we went to look for the cottage where we were staying. It was a lovely cottage, semi detached, in the middle of nowhere, but part of the adjacent farm. On Friday evening we went to an Italian restaurant in Bedale and I had fish and chips (can't stand pasta or pizza!) before getting lost on the way back to the cottage. I'd left my sat-nav in the cottage and went up and down the same road 4 times trying to get back. In the end I went into a pub and asked where I was supposed to be. Turns out I was about half a mile away, I'd just missed the road end. Well I can't be perfect in everything can I! I have to be crap at something, and that something is navigation. LOL!

On Saturday we went to a bird of prey centre. That was really cool. I had my photo taken with a bird of some description - it was either a kestrel, a kite or a hawk. I forget. It had wings and feathers...that's all I needed to know.

Isn't this baby tawny owl cute? He's six weeks old and is being hand reared as his mother ate all the other babies.

Sunday saw us at the Wensleydale Creameries. I bought some cheese (smashing Wensleydale Grommit!) and we had a good look around but it was heaving so we didn't stay very long. On the way back to the cottage we went to a car boot sale and I bought a few tea light holders - 10p each, bargain.

I got back today at about 2.30pm, spent an hour at home then tootled off to Jayne's to collect this month's club packs and to cut up some fabric for Jayne. Eventually got home again at 5.30pm and have spent the rest of the evening relaxing. I need to as I'm going over to Mick's tomorrow to help him with his decorating. He's done his back in but he'd better be ok tomorrow cos him and Ian are doing all the work - I'm there purely to supervise. Oh, Ian! He had his stitches removed on Friday morning and his arm is fine.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love seeing the birds of prey and the shows they put on.

Glad Ian's arm is ok. What a frightening thing to happen!

Some great stitching there too!

Rachael said...

Wonderful Stitching,I do like the Miss Mary Mack,All of them are lovely!

Julie said...

nice finishes, i love the Mary Mack, thats a cute one

Heather said...

Looks like a kestral to me Jacqui.

Love your stitching.

Sally said...

Lovely finishes Jacqui. I love Mary Mack.