Friday, December 21, 2007

Work In Progress

The workmen came this morning to install our new gas fire. They took one look at the hole where it had to go, hummed and haahed a bit and decided it was more work than they'd been paid for and they would have to quote me a new price. Then they buggered off again. Half an hour later I had a phone call from the office telling me how much more I would have to pay. BLINKY FLIP!!! A helluva lot of money! So it was on the phone to borrow some off the parents and told the woman we would pay it as long as they were back today to install it.
I went off to Silver Link to meet Lynn, and got my C'mas present which is absolutely gorgeous. I'll post a piccie later when the noise has stopped and the workmen have gone. When I came back there were a different couple of workmen here, and they'd started the work. They've finished all the work on the chimney and outside, and are busy making lots of noise with a big drill and a lump hammer. I'm hoping it's all in and working by about 6pm. I'll post more photos when they're done.

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