Sunday, December 02, 2007

SPACE...The Final Frontier!

SPACE! Don't see this very often.

Corner with letter rack

Middle of desk - charts and paper for printer, laptop in front

Design books and one of the printers

LOOK! SPACE! I decided to have a desk tidy up and this is the result. I know it now looks as though everything is just piled at the back of the two desks now, but compared to how it looked before it's astoundingly tidy. Craig and the kids will no doubt take the piss now though. I've already had comments about how long it will last. They have no faith...actually though they could have a point.


the kittens' mother said...

Hi, I'm having another day of searching for new blogs to visit. You have done some great work!
It's rare for me to see my desk too:) I have only recently started cross stitch and I am completely addicted! I look forward to seeing any more pieces you make.
Keep up the good work! Love from the kittens' mother xxx

Marita said...

Great work!