Monday, December 24, 2007

Advent Day #24

Good Christmas Eve morning everyone. Only ONE MORE SLEEP till Santa comes. My final two advent parcels this morning contained another Polstitches Designs chart called Dragonfly Sampler (another one I already have - someone hasn't read my wish list) and a lovely big piece of cream 28 count evenweave from Kathy.
I've been out and about already this morning. I was up just after 7am, showered and dressed by about half 7 and out the door having loaded the car boot with presents ten minutes later. Craig had told me he thought Asda opened at 8am this morning so when I got there at 7.50am I was a bit surprised to find it really busy already. I asked a woman coming out what time they'd opened and she thought it was at 6am. However when I asked the man who gave me the key for the scooter what time they'd opened he said MIDNIGHT!!! He also said there'd been tons of people there waiting to get in. Glad I wasn't one of them. I bought some half price C'mas cards and wrapping stuff for next year and would have bought more if they'd had much left, but they didn't. I also got some more bread and the stocking choccies for the kids. Mind you, they've not mentioned hanging their stockings this year so I might not need it all.
I'm not doing much for the rest of the day. I'm going out tonight with the stitch club ladies but won't be late back cos they're all older than me and don't like staying out too late. Have a good day everyone and be good...he's watching!


Marita said...

Merry Christmas Jacqui. Hope you have a lovely day.

the kittens' mother said...

Hi Jacqui, Merry Christmas! Hope you and the family have had a good Christmas and got everything you wished for.
From the kittens' mother xxx