Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advent Day #16

Good morning readers. I'm not quite 100% awake yet so if there's any spelling mistakes that's the reason why. I've opened my advent parcels for today. From Wendy I opened another Stitch 'n' Hang kit, and from Kathy another candle in a tin. They're both lovely, although Kate has nabbed all the little kits so far. I don't really do kits any more so I don't mind. I may still use the charts though later in 2008.
As usual at this time of the day I'm the only one up in the Elliott/Metcalfe household. Mollie has gone upstairs, presumably to keep Craig company, and there's nothing stirring from any of the kids' rooms. Peace perfect peace - apart from that ruddy wood pigeon sitting on the front fence. LOL.

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