Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Alphabet RR update

Have done a little bit of stitching on this today. To be honest I'm a bit pee'd off as it's come home in a bit of a state...there's a slight stain on the 'O' and at the right hand side it looks as though it's been pulled a bit in a hoop or something and the threads are out of shape. Dunno if you can see on this pic. It's almost been in the bin today, we even had a family conflab about it. LOL.
I've bought the material for the Chatelaine that starts in March. I was going to use either Silkweavers or Sugar Maple but changed my mind and decided to buy British. I rang Jo up at Polstitches and ordered a piece of 30 x 30 inch Fallen Leaves 28 count evenweave. Just have to wait for her to dye it and post it out now.
I'm going to put some more things on ebay tomorrow. It's 10p listing day so will have a good rummage and be very strict. Yeah right! So if any of you that read my blog are interested, my user name is cushie1966. Feel free to have a look and BID!


Kathy said...

Oooo it looks lovely sis you can't tell where the probs are on it.

Hugs xxxxxx

Stitchingranny said...

Not a lot left to do Jacqui and its looking good. Kathy better watch out as you will soon have another finish lol.


Jo said...

It looks lovely!
I certainly can't see anything wrong with it.

Lynn said...

when you've finished stitching, try soaking it in luke warm water with mild detergent and see if the stain and the 'pulling' come out when it's dry and has been pressed. It looks fabulous