Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chevrolet Tacuma CDX

...is a bloody horrible car. I know we were comparing it to the C-Max but even so! The boot is a hell of a lot smaller for a start, and we felt all scrunched up in the front seats. The bars at the edges of the windscreen (there's probably a technical name for them) seemed bigger, which makes for a larger blind spot and I didn't like the dashboard. The model we looked at was actually 3 years old as they didn't have a brand new one in the showroom, and the Chevrolet Motability bloke wasn't in, he was off delivering someone's car to them. It was flippin' freezing standing around outside, although we were offered a coffee in the showroom if we wanted to go back in. Our car was nearer and after we decided we didn't actually like the Chevrolet we just got back in ours and came home instead.
So...it looks as though I'll be getting another C-Max, and we're going to the Ford showroom next Tuesday to order it.

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