Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10 Reasons To Buy Stitching Supplies

  • 1. They insulate the closet where they're kept.
  • 2. Stitching is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.
  • 3. You get to make friends when you visit your needlework shop.
  • 4. You'll never find the fabric/pattern/fiber/notion again if you don't buy it NOW.
  • 5. It helps support the economy. (It is our duty to support the cotton farmers, the sheep ranchers, the textile mills, the foreign trade exchange and our local shop).
  • 6. It keeps without refrigeration, doesn't add calories and has no upkeep required ( you don't have to cook it, feed it, change it, wipe it's nose or walk it.)
  • 7. It adds extra weight to the newer, lighter cars for traction on muddy, rainy roads.
  • 8. It protects the horizontal areas of our house from dust.
  • 9. It is not immoral, illegal, unethical or fattening.


Anonymous said...

LOL I like it!

Holley said...

I love it!

The preventing dust part is my contribution to house cleaning!