Saturday, January 27, 2007

Clean Drawers

And no, I don't mean the kind you wear! LOL. I mean the type you keep stuff in, namely, the chest of drawers in my corner of the room where I keep some of my stitching stash, WIPs etc. As I've had the house to myself since 8am this morning (Craig is out and Dene has gone paintballing), I decided I would clean out my drawers. Craig had already half emptied one of them last night while he was looking for something...something that wasn't even in there, it was on the I thought I might as well do the whole lot. There are two small drawers at the top which were fairly quick to do, then two full width drawers, one deeper than the other. I managed to get them all cleaned out and they looked lovely and empty. But that could have been cos most of the contents were still piled high on the table!
Anyway, I've put back what needs to go back and now I have a black bag full of rubbish, a huge pile of charts etc that need to go back upstairs, a few things that can go in my patchwork box, and some things that I've parcelled up for the Stay At Home Parcel on Stitch & Stash. I can't post those off just yet though as the lady who organises it has gone on holiday. Of course, now that they're tidy, I won't be able to find anything.

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