Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kathy is gonna be sooo mad!

Sorry Kathy but I have another finish. LOL. This is from Cross Stitch Collection magazine and is a design by Patricia Bage. It has a few speciality stitches and I had to improvise on some of the threads but I think it's turned out ok.
World War 3 has broken out in our house. Kate is back from Matty's and her and Dene are at each others throats...AGAIN! Something to do with them going down to Nottingham in April for Kate's friend Laura's birthday and the fact that Dene was going to be staying at her house. When do they move out? Anyone?


Kathy said...

Oooo noooooo you can't do anymore now til I have played catch up rofl.

Seriously tho sis its lovely, well done.

As for the kids moving out lol I didn't leave home til I was 29 rofl.

Hugs xxxxxx

Jo said...


I am 29 and still at home!

Sally said...

That is a beautiful finish Jacqui. How do you do it?? I haven't had one finish yet this year and you've had three already!

Stitchingranny said...

Hi Jacqui,

My daughter said she would leave home before she was 30, she just made it by about 3 days lol.

That is a stunning finish, which issue of the magazine is it in please as I would really love to get hold of a copy if I can.


Sharon said...

congrats on your finishes this year-very pretty both of them.