Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another finish

Have just finished this today. It started out as a Whispered By The Wind design but I stitched the borders the wrong size so I had to design my own squares. Then it was sent as a RR, but only Kathy stitched the two squares that she was supposed to stitch, everyone else just did one. Consequently there were about five squares left for me to do when I received it home. Sigh!


Heather said...

It does look beautiful Jacqui. Shame the others didn't do their second one, it's not like they're big.

Jo said...

Well done - another finish then. What is next?

Little Grey Cat said...

Aww that's very pretty. I love the colours. So everyone was meant to stitch 2 squares and didn't?

Where's your Dimensions SAL update missus????