Friday, January 12, 2007

Another finish...soz Kathy

I have another finish. It's the Alphabet RR, Merry Heart's Folk Art Alphabet. It just needs a few buttons stitched on it, but I need to find the right ones, and I need to be able to pay for them with PayPal. I was losing the will to live doing the black and ecru on the borders, it was soooo monotonous. But now it's done and I can go on to something else.
This second photo is of Craig trying to get his cup of coffee in peace. Mollie loves coffee and is waiting for her caffeine fix. She sits there with her head in his lap, staring at him, till he puts the cup on the floor for her to finish the dregs.
Kate has gone to Nottingham for the weekend with Matty. This means that hostilities in the Elliott household have been suspended till Sunday night, which is when Kate will be back. I'm waiting for her to phone me up and ask for a lift from the bus station.
Wonder what I can stitch now! Something little to finish quick and pee Kathy off? Or something else!


Jo said...

Lovely finish!
Well Done!

Kathy said...

Well done sis, and ya not peeing me off in the slightest, you'll slow down one day and I will catch up he he.

Hugs xxxx

Stitchingranny said...

Lol Jacqui, this looks lovely finished and I have a teeny weeny feeling Kathy might be getting jealous lol

Sally said...

Wow that looks fantastic Jacqui!

JOT said...

Congratulations on your finish. It looks lovely!