Sunday, January 21, 2007

Budgie's Cage Syndrome

While I didn't have a headache or anything this morning when I got up, I did have a mouth like the bottom of a budgie's cage. BLEUCH! And I had a great nights sleep last night. Was up this morning before 9am and had a few games of Text Twist on here befre my brother rang me just before 10. Could I take him to the car parts shop as his car had committed suicide and he needed to go and get something to fix it.
Now I'm not into car mechanical bits and pieces AT ALL! As long as I can get in, drive from A to B, and get out in one piece at the other end then that's all I need to know. As soon as someone starts talking about car innards my eyes glaze over and I lose the will to live and switch off. Besides which, Craig used to be a mechanic so he does the tyre changing and "stuff", and as my car is only three years old, gets serviced regularly for free, I don't worry about it.
Anyway...I digress. The bloke at Ken's told Kevin that it was probably an electrical fault and to take the car back to the Nissan dealer to get it sorted out. Or have one of those diagnostic tests done on it. He was given the number of a mobile mechanic so we went round to Mam and Dad's so he could use her phone. While we were there, and while Kevin was looking through the manual, he discovered that he's a member of the RAC! So, he rang them up and they came out and more or less fixed the problem. Kevin is a taxi driver, and while the company mechanics were putting in his communication radio they've shoved all the cables back into the steering column willy nilly. They'd wrapped around the turning bit (sorry if this is too technical for you) and something had snapped. They'd also wrapped round the clutch pedal so that the pedal wasn't coming back up all the way. It's now more or less sorted, but he has to get a new bit. Don't ask.
This afternoon I've been working on the 4 My Boys design that I've been on about all week while I was waiting for the threads to arrive. I've stitched about half of the snowman while watching a DVD starring Ewan McGregor, called The Island. It was a bit weird, but good.
Tonight I'm going to carry on with the snowman though I don't think it'll be finished tonight. Then tomorrow I can do more of The Earth. Hope everyone's had a good weekend.


Stitchingranny said...

"As long as I can get in, drive from A to B, and get out in one piece at the other end then that's all I need to know."

Have to agree with you there, this idea that you need to know how it works is mad to me. I use the computer and havent a clue how that works either lol.

Julie said...

LOL Jacqui you describing your brothers problem with the car, i understood exactly what you were saying !!!! (my DH is a mnechanic!)

and i too only get in and go from A to B, any problem like awhizz or clunk etc and i mention it to the boss.... takes ages to me to get it fixed though roflol!!!

Sue said...

I think most women think the same when it comes to cars, I have a little nissan micra and love it to bits, it may not be top of the range car but it get me about.

Would love to see an update on the snowman design (adore snowmen).

Hope you ahve a good week and fingers crossed you get 365 posts this year.


Sally said...

Yep, My eyes glaze over too Jacqui and my DH used to be a mechanic! LOL!

Flippin' heck it's been a few days since I dropped by and you've finished even more! You'll have to slow down, girl, or poor Kathy will never catch up! LOL