Friday, January 04, 2008

Phew, what a relief

Thankfully all that horrible white stuff turned to rain later in the day and today when I've got up there's none left at all. YAY! Mind you, I don't think I'm going out anywhere today either. I have a little design that's almost finished, then I got a model from Jo at Polstitches Designs in the mail yesterday that I need to make a start on, as she needs it for Olympia in a couple of months time.
  • Someone asked me in the comments how I do some of my finishing. Well mostly I just stumble along, but there is a blog in my favourites called 'Focus On Finishing' that I find really useful, and there's one called 'Cross Stitch Finishes' (I think), that I found the other day which has a few useful tips. Hope this helps.

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