Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Didn't quite make it...

Last January I wanted to see if I could average one post per day, but I didn't make it, so I'm going to try again this year. It might be a complete load of bollox that I type, but as long as I can average once a day I'll be happy.
Kate's friend Laura from Nottingham has been here since last Friday and we've just come home from taking her to Newcastle bus station so she can go home again. Kate is not a happy camper, not just because she's gonna miss Laura but also because THAT BASTARD that she was engaged to ('scuse the French) spent the weekend in Coventry with some lass that he's been talking to on the internet and now Kate and him have split up. That was his second chance (he's done this to Kate before) and hopefully she won't be giving him another one.
I am hoping to finally get some stitching done today. I have a few things that need making up but I can't do them till I've finished this design that I'm stitching on the same piece of material. I'll probably make a couple of ornies and/or pinkeeps, but I think I'm going to have to have a trip to Dainty Supplies for ribbons and pins. I can do most of the glueing and slip stitching though so it's not too bad.


kathyann said...

She's better off without him ,what a slimmy two faced rat ,your daughter deserves better then that!Give her a hug from us ,best wishes from Kathyann and the girls at Meg's Mum's Muffins

Lynn said...

aawww give Kate a big hug from me, she's worth 10 of him!!!