Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For Laura

Hi Laura

Hope my brat of a daughter is behaving herself at your house. And when the police come round to take a statement from Kate, please make sure you wipe up any drool (unless of course it's an old fart of a copper!) cos you know what she's like. Actually, maybe you should just wipe up your own and let her do her own...I know what you're like too. PMSL.
Both of you be good.


Lynn said...

OOOh, what has Kate been up to? She's only been down there a couple of days!!! rofl

Laura said...

Hiiii, we're rate good us, he was a nice looking lad, but I of course behaved myself, as always =] And if Kate doesn't behave herself, we're shift her off in the kichen with the dogs pmsl

Anonymous said...

I aint been up to anything i am an angel :P and telling us to behave mam, what do you take us for? little devils? :D