Friday, January 18, 2008

Lovely Mail Day

I received some great mail today. I was snowballed by two of the ladies from TS, two lovely freebie charts that I didn't already have. Then there was a parcel from Jayne's Attic containing this months JCS that has lots of lovely designs in it - for a change. From Angie I received two gorgeous Patricia Ann Designs charts (Moonlit Orchid and Silver Frost) in exchange for some things I sent to her a couple of weeks ago. Also from Angie, as part of the birthday exchange on A Crafty Natter board, I received another parcel, but I can't open that till 26 January.
I've done lots more work on the hardanger project, and I'm now at the wrapping and filling stage. With any luck it'll be finished later today, if I don't keep being side-tracked by the laptop. PMSL.

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