Monday, January 28, 2008

Heard from hotel

I received a letter in the mail today from the Thistle Hotel - where I went for the job interview - and I didn't get it. I wasn't really expecting to get it to be honest. Receptionists are nice and slim and young. I'm none of those...PMSL.
  • Lynn who asked about Colly's chart - I have it available for you if you still want it. I found it while I was sorting out my charts earlier and have pit it to one side for you. Email me with your address - email addy in side bar - if you want it.


lena-lou said...

I don't know what PMSL means ??

Sorry about you didn't get the job, you sound resigned to the fact you were expecting this outcome but it is a bit disappointing for you!

Karen said...

sorry you didnt get the job

Karan said...

Sorry you didn't get the job Jacqui - better luck next time.

kathyann said...

Sorry you didn't get the job Jacqui,and size shouldn't come into it ,what happened to peronallity!There'll be a better job coming up soon!love from Kathyann and the girls