Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Tinsel Time

On TS we've started having one day a month (25th) where we work on our Christmas stitching, be it ornies or whatever. I had just started a LK design pulled from a magazine called Peace to All. The chart recommended either DMC or Anchor threads. I totally changed every single thread and used a variety of WDW, Ozark and Rainbow Gallery metallic for the snow. This first photo is the 'before' pic.

I worked on it, on and off, all day. My cousin Michelle came round for a couple of hours, and I had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon so that was four hours I lost. By about 11.30pm this is where I was at...

And then I thought...well I'm so close to finishing I might as well get on with it, and I did lose out on four hours worth of stitching this afternoon. Trying to justify myself here. LOL. It only took me another 45 mins or so to finish the whole thing off.

And here we are all done. Quite pleased with myself. Of course, now I have to find something else Christmassy to stitch for Feb 25th. I seem to have just small stuff coming up in my to-do pile at the moment, so watch out for lots of pics over the next week or so.


Lynn said...

what a lovely finish Jacqui well done :)

lena-lou said...

Lovely finish :)