Saturday, March 10, 2007

Which Karen?

In case anyone is confused, this is the Karen I tagged.

I've had a busy afternoon today. First off I dragged Craig down to Dainty Supplies in Washington. I made him drive cos I knew the roads would be busy - and I was right, they were! In DS I bought some Mill Hill beads for my collection, some lace, and some party favours for my little brother's 4oth birthday party on Friday. We're having a proper kids party, Kevin is such a big kid it's unbelievable. So we're having jelly and ice cream, pass the parcel, the works.
After that it was off to Hobbycraft - eventually. The traffic and car parks everywhere we went were horrendous. Should have expected it really with it being Saturday afternoon. And of course, Craig got lost and we went on a magical mystery tour. In HC I bought some baby wool and 4 knitting patterns. Everyone seems to have either just given birth or is pregnant, so I thought I would do some knitting, if I can remember how to do it.
After that we trecked round Curry's looking for a label printer...they had none. PC World...had none. to Staples as I knew they had them. I am now the proud owner of a Dymo Label Writer 400. And it works! How impressive is that!
I have some photos to post later, got one thing to finish first, then some scanning and download the camera.

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Little Grey Cat said...

ooooh dear. I thought it might be me lol.

All done - and no laughing!