Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Hope you're all having a great day. I popped round to Mam's first thing to take her her card. She's had her pressie for a month or so now, one of the pictures I had framed. When I came back I opened my cards from Dene and Kate. The one from Ian is still in the shop he says. LOL. Then Dene and Ian gave me their presents. I dropped HEAVY hints for certain CDs this year so I got Dr Hook - Completely Hooked from Dene. I already have this CD, but it's been played to death and jumps about all over the place so it needed replacing. From Ian I got Ultimate Boy Bands CD, which I'm busy listening to as I type this. I'm hoping to get the new Take That CD when Kate comes home from Matty's in a couple of hours time. Needless to say they'll all be accompanying me down to North Somerset when I go down to Kathy's tomorrow.

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