Friday, March 30, 2007

The Earth...Update

I've been working on this virtually non-stop since last week while I was at Kathy's. However it's now been put away temporarily so I can do some model stitching for Jayne. I'm also waiting for something to do from Jo at Polstitches.

Mind you, I did have a new start today too. I've been helping Jayne out at the shop for the past few days and today I took some stitching with me to be getting on with. I started Loopylou's Mistletoe, which I had been gonna start while I was at Kathy's, till I realised I didn't have the perle threads to do the hardanger bit at the top. I'm going to be working on that again tomorrow so I will take a photo after that and post an update on here.
Not been up to much else. Kate is at Matty's this weekend and will be back on Sunday as usual. Ian is coming home tomorrow for the Easter break. After Easter he'll only have a few more weeks at college before he's finished for good. He's not going back in September, he's going to try and get a job instead, when he gets back from his holiday in Corfu with his dad.
I got a new toy today. A laser printer. It's a Brother HL-2030 and is really really fast. It's brilliant, but it's only a mono printer so I've still got my Epson one too. The laser printer will come in really handy for printing my charts out.


Stitchingranny said...

This is comming on really well now Jacqui. I bet it is an interesting one to stitch watching each of the little animals come to life. I will look forward to seeing more of this as well as your mistletoe develop

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much you've done of this one already! I do love that panda :o)

How's your dad?

Hope you have a good weekend.

Lynn said...

coming along realy well Jacqui, well done.

Sally said...

It's looking good Jacqui!

Julie said...

this is growing Jacqui, looking forward to seeing your mistletoe

JOT said...

Jacqui you are doing really well with this design, you'll have it finished soon! I love all those animals.