Friday, March 02, 2007


I've felt like complete crap today. I'm knackered for one thing, even though I had an hour's kip this afternoon. But then I had to get up for a pee and couldn't be bothered to climb the stairs again to go back to bed. I did manage to make a C'mas ornie though. I can't show you a photo though as Kathy, the person who will be the recipient, will see it. And we can't have that now can we! Sorry Sis!
I'm also full of cold, which isn't really helping matters. Bad head, snotty nose, sore throat, the works. I went to sleep last night with my nose in a jar of Vicks. I love that stuff. I took the lid off and the stupid dog had to have a sniff too. Don't think she was too impressed. LOL.
For the rest of the day I've been debating what to do next. Whether to start something new or on my two spare days carry on with something I already have on the go and get it finished a bit quicker. The new Chatelaine started yesterday, St Petersburg White Nights (from now on St P), but as I don't have all the materials to do it I haven't done any yet. I do have the fabric, and the beads should be on the way as I've paid for them. I have a few of the threads, but I'm a bit skint at the mo so it could be a while before I get round to it.
I sent Craig to Wards today to get me some foam board, as I'm running out of ORT bags. I only have three left and one of those is spoken for. Must get some more made up soon.


Lynn said...

aawww hope you feel better soon Jacqui. Sounds like a good idea, to get the others finished a bit quicker on your 'free' nights.

Carol said...

I hope you start to feel better soon Jacqui {{hugs}}} said...

Poor you! I hope you feel better very soon!!
My advice: spoil yourself rotten this weekend, I'm sure it will help... :o)