Sunday, March 18, 2007

Not sure

Mollie can't decide if she likes balloons or not. When we were blowing them up on Friday for my brother's brithday she was barking at us and them and of course we were making her worse by teasing her with them. LOL. Since then however, she's been getting braver and now plays with them to a certain extent. She's worn herself out now though and is lying on the floor at Craig's feet. Dippity dog.
I've started doing some of my packing for going down to Kathy's. I've done new labels for all my project folders and they're in the crate ready to go in the car. But they can't go in the car till Craig has cleared all his crap out of it. When his Mondeo got taken off the road he emptied the boot...into my boot. There's bricks and all sorts in there now. Git!
Still haven't packed any clothes, but most of them are still in the wash so have to wait till they're done. Don't suppose anyone will iron them for me before they're packed, although Kathy has volunteered to do any if I need it while I am down there. She's a strange one that Kathy, she actually DOES ironing. Weird!
The new part of Jayne's SAL has been sent out to the participants and I've printed it off ready to do. I may do it tonight before I go, or leave it till I get to Kathy's. I think there are eyelets to do this week and also cutting.


Jenn said...

Isn't it funny what animals don't like. I just hope one of the balloons doesn't pop while she's playing with it or she ever go near one again. :)

Julie said...

Mollie is sweetie Jacqui, have fun at Kathys

Karen said...

My 2 like balloons they go nuts when they see one being blown up

JOT said...

Lovely photos! Mollie does seem to be having lots of fun.

I hope you are having a wonderful time with Kathy. Looking forward to seeing what you have stitched! :)