Friday, March 16, 2007

Not Much Happening

Which is why I haven't posted since the weekend. Week 4 of Polstitches hardanger SAL came out the other day and I did the cutting in about 15 mins. You can just about make out on this photo which bits have been cut. I expect next week we'll be wrapping bars, but I'll be down at Kathy's so will have to ask her to print off the destructions for me. LOL.
Jayne hasn't sent us week 3 instructions for her SAL yet, but as this week is the Pins & Needles show at Metro Radio Arena I'm not really expecting them to be out till Sunday. I wasn't going to go to the show, as I'm saving my pennies for Kathy's, but someone can't go who already has a ticket, so she's sending me it, plus the ticket for a scrapbooking workshop, which should be quite good.
Today is my little brother's 40th birthday. We're having a surprise party for him at tea time, a proper kids' party, with pass the parcel, jelly and ice cream, pin the tail on the donkey etc. It should be a right laugh. Mam is coming over early this afternoon to help with the food.
I started knitting again yesterday. It's years since I did any, but I know at least three people who are expecting so I thought I'd get the old knitting needles out. And when I say old I mean that literally. The patterns I bought last weekend have all the needle sizes in metric, and virtually all the needles are in old money. Luckily I managed to find the size I needed and made a start on a pair of mittens last night. I've got both mittens on the needles at the same time so at least they'll be the same size. LOL.

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Jules said...

Can't believe it - I started knitting again this week after years and years. AND I've been knitting mittens!!! My other half's daughter is expecting and nobody seems to knit anymore for babies so I thought I would help keep an old tradition alive. Will you post photos when they're done? I shall be so you'll have to take a look. x